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February 05, 2011

sushi cat 2

Fans of that sushi loving cat, sushi cat 2 is here!


Anonymous said...

Cute but a little boring after a bit.

-k said...

woo hoo! I love this series! Thanks for sharing Bart!

Jessica said...

I love Sushi Cat!

itsunami said...

Sooo old, Bart! It has been online since a year at least! nice and cute, anyway!

Anonymous said...

So cute and so funny.
I love that cat

Bart said...

@itsunami It's not old, it was just released today :) I think you are talking about Sushi Cat 1. This is the sequel.

palat said...

Woohoo for sushi cat, love it!

Anonymous said...

YAY SUSHI CAT! I suggested this game!

Anonymous said...

I love the outfits! Those are so funny!

Anonymous said...

There is another game called Sushi Cat The Honeymoon that came after the first one.

Cyn said...

YAY! Thanks Bart!! LOVE Sushi Cat! Cute storyline too. One problem... anyone know the "magic" spot to drop Sushi Cat from on Level 13 to get the sushi bombs? You can't pass level 13 without it. I've tried several times and I just can't seem to get him to bounce far enough over to get it!

Cyn said...

haha! nvm... 10th time's the charm?? suddenly got it. and yes, apparently, you CAN pass level 13 without the bombs. got the last piece of sushi needed, and then accidentally bounced to the bombs. so I got bonus sushi!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Love this game~ Thanks Bart!

Rachel said...

Thanks Bart, I love sushi cat!

Sephora said...

I love Sushi Cat!!!

Me,Myself,andI said...

for a person who HATES sushi in real life I think this is REALLY a good game.

Anonymous said...

Three words for this game.
=>. .<=

Anonymous said...

Well that was supposed to be a cat face....

Anonymous said...


NotMarian said...

Cute game. Loved it.

EBFiddler said...

LOVED IT!!!!! He gets humongous by the time he gets his stuffed animal back! As big as the Ferris Wheel!!!
Thanks Bart for postin' it!

Anonymous said...

Sushi Cat
The Pirate
The Archer
The Diver
The Ninja
The Officer
The Clown
The Movie Star
The Famous Elephant
Bacon Dog

Joelle said...

I love the elephant costume! Too adorable.

All the Sushi cats are great. I am *this close* to buying the mobile app, and I never buy apps. lol


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