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February 16, 2011


It starts with a seed, but what you will end up with depends entirely on your point and click decisions: mitoza.


jimini said...

me first!!!

Anonymous said...

make no sence
reminds me of a grow game.

Unknown said...

I think I've covered all the bird scenarios.

Beth said...

This is way more fun than last game. :)

Anonymous said...

That is way to funny! I love the evil teddy bear.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fikjen said...

I liked it!!!

Anonymous said...

So weird

Gal said...

hi, i'm the creator of that thingy
Thanks for sharing it! :)


tam said...

very creative and inspiring!
I really love it :)

Anonymous said...

I think it is too crazy for me...
The concept is funny and i love the graphics and all.
But where's the evolution of the seed? There's no plant in the end...

Reebus said...

I like it.
I try every combination (37).
To Anonymous (16.2.2011 19:47).
Plat in the end is combination: 12221

01-111111 (bad Hamlet)
02-111112 (Hamlet applause)
03-11112 (ghosts)
04-111211 (sandwich)
05-111212 (massage)
06-11122 (cherry)
07-11211 (suchi)
08-112121 (portal)
09-112122 (ring of fire)
10-11221 (bat)
11-11222 (dentist)
12-121111 (mario)
13-121112 (dinner)
14-121121 (magician)
15-121122 (Halloween)
16-12121 (TV)
17-12122 (popcorn)
18-122111 (bees)
19-122112 (bath)
20-122121 (bear)
21-122122 (King Kong Bear)
22-12221 (megaplant)
23-12222 (nose)
24-2111 (matrioska)
25-2112 (elephant)
26-212111 (rain)
27-212112 (storm)
28-212121 (UFO)
29-212122 (grill)
30-2122 (ice cream)
31-22111 (rocket)
32-221121 (goldfish)
33-221122 (gamble)
34-22121 (hangman)
35-22122 (paper plane)
36-2221 (tongue)
37-2222 (hell)

Anonymous said...

Thanx to you Reebus (and to your patience lol)!!
This end is the coolest
(*_*)I love plants

Anonymous said...

@ Reebus,
THANK YOU!!! That walkthrough is great! How long did it take you to figure all of those out?

Reebus said...

I think it was finished in half an hour.

I'm glad you appreciated my effort.

Anonymous said...

Great game choice Bart! Also, many thanks to Reebus for the amazing walkthrough!

Anonymous said...

Nice animation :) The game play style is very similar to Grow version 1

Nemur said...

Like how it always returns to a seed. Where is Minoto?...

S ad
a ce

Nemur said...

Let me redo that.


tam said...

yeah, I'm playing old ones... Thank god I have very bad memory! :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting, yet odd...yet interesting. I liked the teddy bear ending/beginning, as well as the pumpkin explosion one. A couple of them were a little disturbing (at least for me).

Anonymous said...

This has got to be one of the best games that I've ever played! I really hope that it makes the Top 10 list this year!

-k said...

Neat game, Bart. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Coffeeteamix said...

Even though it wasn't so much a game as a piece of interactive art to be explored, it was still fun =) Thanks Gal for making it and Bart for sharing it =D

And nice walkthrough, Reebus XD

<3 the fly(s) <3 they were sooo adorable ^____^ the bee with the antennae was pretty cute too =3

Anonymous said...

Just fantastic!! I've tried all kind of scenarios and it was fun! Thanks again Bart!!

Me,Myself,andI said...

one word: weird but fun (OK, 3 words)

Anonymous said...

Think it's pointless just randomly clicking

Anonymous said...

Hmm, strange name.
It went from coprophagia, to urination, to eating flies, to pagen worship, to a poop-facial...
Looking at the credits then verified my suspicions.

Anonymous said...

What's so strange about the name? I thought that the game was great!

Anonymous said...

interesting.......though some are kind of grusome!

anna in spain said...

Seriously bizarre. I like it.


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