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February 23, 2011

must escape the castle

You were exploring the castle and the king had you thrown into the dungeon, so now you must escape the castle.


Anonymous said...

nice and easy!!

Fitz said...

Wow. Easy.

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooo easy! I like easy games. It's nice to give my brain a break from the hard games once in a while.

NotMarian said...

I escaped!

tam said...

Yes! I also escaped!

Reebus said...

5 min and I'm out.

Chipper said...

hmmm.. I'm stuck. spoilers below

I have all the ingredients for the dragon except green slime. Can't find any.

I have a sword a ring & a wrench I haven't used.

I also can't find a way into the locked chest in the throne room nor get past the chained door behind the fountain.

help would be appreciated. I am prepared to be humbled by how simple the thing I am missing will end up being.

Coffeeteamix said...

@ Chipper:
Before you enter the wizard's room, there should be something that is bolted down. You can use the wrench there. Then you'll be able to get into the treasure chest.

You have already used the ring: it gave you the strength to pull the sword out of the stone. Not sure if you'll need it again though.

How did you get the dragon's scale?

Also 1 glitch I found is that if you're holding something in your hand and then clicking on areas that doesn't need the thing you're holding, the thing "disappears." Fortunately, if you click on the spot in inventory where it's supposed to be, it'd reappear ^^;

Coffeeteamix said...

ah never mind. Dragon scale is obtained by pixel hunting on the dragon

Chipper said...

Thanx Coffeeteamix! Obvious in hind sight. I'm out. Who keeps goo locked in a chest?

I also found that glitch- panicked at first.

Unknown said...

@ Chipper: np =) Who keeps goo locked in chest? Someone who knows how to make useful things like fire breath potion out of green goo, that's who ;)

And I panicked too @_@ For a second I thought about giving up on the game because of it XD

jdoe said...

not 'sooooooo easy' to me - just the enough for escapting without hints :)
but almost giving up here and there

Lexis said...

yayy only had a problem with the dragon scale thx coffeeteamix :]

and what exactly was the point of the ring? i never used it..

candy said...

fun and easy. i could figure it out on my own and that hardly ever happens ^^
the dragon is cute :D


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