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October 01, 2010

pizza quest '77

It's a beautiful summer afternoon in 1977, but the munchies are setting in, time for a point and click pizza quest '77.


broszb4 said...


Anonymous said...

arggh, after clicking the cat the second time I can't activate the items anymore...

lila said...

that's because you only need certain items at a certain time

Anonymous said...

The cat eats the pizza in the end anyway, why bother?

Anonymous said...

i can't click anything!!why?

Anonymous said...

When you take the cat you just must click the window where the cat get inside, again.

Sorry bad english, hope u understand.

Carly said...

Not liking this one at all. Every time you found/did something you have to start from the beginning to click everywhere, i.e. the knob for the TV can not be fond and inventoried before you actually need it. Stuuuuupid!!

Anonymous said...

I think its a useless game.
I didnt got any futher at $4,50...

Anonymous said...

Took me a while to finish.
the wig,shoes, and 8-trak do nothing, so don't bother with them.

Anonymous said...

Fun game, I just wish there was a way to have your pie and eat it too.

Someone(haha) said...

1. Click the sofa cushions and then click the coins
2. Behind sofa are some records click there and once more click on the bank notes.
3. Go Left, click the washing machine lid (one on right), click the jeans and collect the bank notes.
4. Go left once more, click the snail underneath the window, collect the coins

1. Click at the bottom of sofa, the leg, which you pick up as it turns out to be slinky.
2. Go right and click on T.V.
3. Go Left twice, click on tap next to washing machine (right machine). Then collect the black pipe attached to the tap
4. Go Right twice, click on the moose above the tv.
5. Click the slinky.
6. Go right, click the snail.
7. Go left twice, click the the sofa leg (bottom left of sofa)
8. Click the cable next to sofa to plug in the T.V.
9. Go right and click bottom left of screen on the carpet.
10. Pick up the knob and then click on T.V.
11. Click T.V.

1. Go Left and pick up the recorder on the floor.
2. Go left, up plug the lava lamp (top cable plugged in the mains)
3. Go left twice and click the socket where TV was previously plugged in.
4. Click on top of sofa to get records.
5. Click the recorder. Click again to change record label to green.
6. Go left, click skate board, click robot.
7. Go Right, click recorder.
8. Play the recorder by clicking it.
9. Go left/right twice and check if lava lamp is cool. Once cooled down pick it up.
10. Go right once and click on the lizard.
11. Wait for the lizard to b hypnotized.
12. Collect the note from the lizard tank by clicking lava lamp

1. Go left, click washing machine lid, collect jeans.
2. Go left, and click microwave twice.
3. HAHA jeans on fire!!
4. Go right/left quickly. Play the recorder.
5. Go left and pick up lizard by clicking it.
6. Go left and click box underneath microwave to put lizard inside.
7. Open the window to let cat in and smoke out before you die and game over.
8. Go left, click the cat.
9. Go left/right twice and click the lizard tank to put cat inside.
10. Go right, click fridge and collect the bottle by clicking it.
11. Go left/right twice and click the burning jeans
12. Go right click tap next to the washing machine.
13. Go left once and click jeans.
14. Go left/right twice and click the cat.
15. Go right 3 times (follow the cat)
16. Click the purple tube light you now see after lizard and cat have gone.
17. Click on top next to wig on the black magic text to put light in place.
18. Click its plug to plug it in.
19. Go left once and pick up the fuse on the floor where the plant once stood.
20. Go left and click the blue door on the stars and click inside.
21. Click the switch next to the blue door place (white box)
22. Click on the glowing purple thin on to right corner of in game screen.


Carly said...

Nice walkthrough, someone. My only thought is this: One is supposed to figure all of this out in twenty minutes?? Ridiculous! What a waste of my time...

Someone(haha) said...

Haha I do agree, although many people find it incredibly fun... I dunno though, it was an alright game.

Anonymous said...

Total crap and I'm bummed out to find a POS game like this on Bart's site.

Lilian said...

Oy, this one's old! hihi
I've already played this game before, its fun ;D

Anonymous said...

This game was really funny!

Anonymous said...

This game would have been a lot more fun if it had used just a little bit of logic.

NotMarian said...

Not good. Even following the walkthrough I can't get it. I put the fuse in, plugged in the black light and I can't do anything else. Maybe I should have turned on the black light first then put the fuse in. I give up. Not worth it.

ElmAlder said...

NotMarion--I was there also, but then happened to turn off the light at the bottom of the stairs...

Some logic would have been very helpful.


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