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October 16, 2010

max connect 2

Connect everything starting and ending with the yellow connector in the puzzler max connect 2.


AJ said...

Internet Explorer cannot disply page. Hope it's up and running soon. Thanks Bart.

Anonymous said...

it's working over here, nice puzzle game

AJ said...

Yes, working now. Quite an interesting little game. Thanks Bart.

NotMarian said...

Can't get past level three. The beam keeps going through the blue round things.

Anonymous said...

Level 3,
direct 3 blue ones to the yellow and one top blue one to the bottom middle blue.

Anonymous said...

I can't get level 12.
Waah, this is too haaaard.

Chiaviru said...


Anonymous said...

For level 9:
2 red one on the green
green on the locked red one
it goes to the left blue
this blue one the mirrow to the right blue
right blue one goes to locked blue.
and out.

Unknown said...

like the game but the music not so much

Pietje said...

For lvl 12:
Turn the left connected blue ones so that the bottom one points at the locked blue one.
Turn the right connected blues so that they both point to the left.
The final blue (lower left, not connected) should be pointing at the most right blue (the lower one from the two connected blues).

Does anyone know how to solve 15?

L said...

THere is a walkthrough :P
Saved mah life.
Thanks Bart!! I also just kept tht game open for the music!! XD super super funnn stufff


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