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October 18, 2010


Kalaquli: a fresh new escape the room game by 58works to start the week.


Mantaraya said...

Already stuck! Can't find the straight face. :-|

Lilian said...

Same here, Mataraya! I've found the straight face, but i cant figure out what to do now.

Mantaraya said...


Lilian, maybe you haven't found the scroll under the floor yet?

Anonymous said...


Hint: Under the Moon (・_・)

Lighty said...

May well be first,very good game, one of the first I've completed without help

Lighty said...

Hint: also look high and low for the faces

Anonymous said...

This was a very good escape game. It wasn't so easy that I knew how to solve it instantly, but it wasn't hard enough to make me stop playing. Great pick Bart. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a good game!

Anonymous said...

what do I do with the arrow?

Fikjen said...

I did it! First time without help.

I love these 58 Works games.

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough part 1

Move the screens in front of you by dragging them
The left one hides the smiling face
The middle 2 show hints about a circle
the right shows a hint about a gear
the barred circle on the right has a hole under it
Turn right
Drag the middle screens left and right
While the doors are open (pretty moon!), click the screen that is on the floor
Get the hidden frowny face out the left door
Note the light-colored object on the rafter over your head, but you can't reach it
Click the drawer under the second screen from the right
Get the throwing star
Turn right
Note the ropes you can pull
click the plant pot to raise it
Click it again to see under it -- get the unhappy face
Click the rightmost wall panel to partially turn it
Get the rod
Click the wall panel again and you will see a pattern on the back
Turn right
Click the bottom of the door and see you need something to open it
Click the floor with the rod to lift it
Click the hole to find the green scroll
Click the + symbol next to it in the inventory to see the scroll in the about item view
Then click the scroll to see the hint
Turn 2 times
Use the rod to get the -__- face
Turn right
Pull the ropes to to open the hidden door
The panel has holes the faces can fit into
It will close and the floor below you will open
Go downstairs
Use the throwing star at the first ninja
A second one will block you
Click by the stairs until one of his arrows sticks
Get the arrow
Get the comb from the stairs
Go back upstairs
Turn right
Zoom on the bottom of the door
Enter the new room by going left
Enter the solution to the dice code
Drag the cover to the right after solving the code
Get the bow
Turn left, go out to the main room, and turn right
Go downstairs
Click the about item view of the bow
Add the arrow, and use it on the ninja
Enter the room

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough part 2

Get the rake from the right wall
While zoomed in on that fire, get the handle from the trench at the left edge of the screen
Note there is a locked door at the bottom of the waterwheel
Go upstairs (go left)
Go right and into the comb room by going right
There are spikes on the floor
Use the rake to clear the way
Click the square near the floor on the right wall -- get the spoon
Zoom in on the pole at the back of the hall one time
Click the light gray pole on the nearer left window
Open the about item view of the black pole with the red line on it in your inventory
Click it to see it is a sword
Get the red rope
Use the sword on the pole
Enter the attic
Use your pole that you got the face from the rafter to reach the ball at the upper right rafter of the room
The hint below told you to cut the ball
Open the about item view of the ball and use the sword to open it
Get the small gray rod
Open the about item view of the thick light gray rod in your inventory
Add the thin rod you just got from the ball to make a handle
Note the fire and the back corner has a puzzle
Go back 2 times and right
Enter the main room and turn left
Zoom on the barred circle
Use the handle you made in the hole below the circle to start the gears
Back up and open the right screen to the left of the barred circle
Remember the gear hint? There is now a knife
Back up and turn 2 times
Enter the basement
Zoom on the right fire to see the water
Use the spoon to get water
Back up and go upstairs
turn right and enter the comb room to the right
Go into the attic
Zoom on the fire and use the water to put it out
Move the blackened wood and find the lighter-looking thing
Look at it in your about item view
Use the knife on it to see it is a key
Go back 2 times and turn right. Enter the main room
Turn right and go downstairs
Zoom on the base of the bottom of the waterwheel
Use the key to get the red scroll
Look at the about item view of it, and you will see it is blank
Zoom on the right fire
Use the scroll on the fire to see a hidden pattern
You will see a hint
Go back and left
Go right and right into the comb room
Go into the attic
Click on the wall puzzle in the corner
Solve the puzzle
Back up and see the panel opened below
Get the grappling hook
Open the about item view of it. Use the red rope on it.
Go back 2 times and right. Enter the main room. Turn right.
Go into the basement.
Use the hook and rope on the tree limb to escape!

Anonymous said...


The panel to the right of the plant pot rotates. On the back is a pattern of:

So from top to bottom the marked ones are 4, 3, 1, 2, 4, 1. Pull the ropes in this order.

The green scroll has a pattern that matches the mouths of the faces. So the order is spikey, smile, frown, flat.

Across from the room with the dice puzzle is the moon doors. Click the drawer where you found the throwing star (under the right door). Count the points on the throwing stars. 6434
The hint on the red scroll after using it in the fire shows a hint like an I and a squared off 8.
Click the top left pattern until it shows 2 white squares in the corners near the middle slat. The middle slat should be dark in the middle. The bottom should be like the top slat (white in the corners near the middle slat). The right puzzle should have the middle slat dark in the middle and light at the edges (the top and bottom should have dark on the outer edges and light in the center by the middle slat)

Anonymous said...

It was easy!! At least this time :)

Marco Germany said...

45 min. give or take, had to use the hints on the message board, nice game!!

Anonymous said...

Although it seems unimportant, you can jump by clicking yourself in the end animation. :) Although the ninja chasing you is unaffected...

NotMarian said...

Yay! 28 minutes. And I did it without help. That was fun...the kind of escape games I like.

Anonymous said...

20 min without help my first time

Carly said...

bah... not my thing. Gave up halfway through cause I got bored with it.

Anonymous said...

I made it through with one hint about where the sad face was, and I was mad cause that was such an easy find. I love 58 Works, and am glad to see a game from them again. Nice game.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the thin rod that you put together with the thick rod?
Confused of where to find it :/


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