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October 10, 2010

gretel and hansel part 2

The continuation of the twisted point and click adventures by Makopudding: Gretel and Hansel part 2.


cindy said...

first hihi eindelijk

lac515 said...

gurr i don'r no what to do with the jug of water??? help

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I can catche a rabbit?
How can I get a carrot?
I don't want to be eaten by a bear any more!

lac515 said...

get enough coins go to the bell in the tree and press space to buy carrot from man

Reebus said...

Beautiful game.
I finished it without any problems.

Jog of water is usefull for water the plant or tree behind the swamp.

For cathing the rabbit you need carrot.
Carrot you must buy from trader.
Trader came after you hit the bell on the tree with arm of treeman.

Jessica said...

Til Part 3...

Love this series. Had no problems, other than accidentally clicking out the game at one point and having to go back and continue. Scroll below the game and there are links for two video walkthroughs if you get stuck.

Anonymous said...

I have the pistol, but don't know what to do with it. Any help PLEASE?

ma said...

shoot the deer by using the googles

Anonymous said...

walkthrough anyone..... im rlly stuck

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's one tricky game. I made it to where the swamp with the snake is. I just can't get past that blasted snake. The in-game video is helpful though.

Reebus said...


PART 1 (Awakening):
Go to the tree with something inside.
Pick it up.
Go to the Hansel and use chicken leg.
Go left.
Try pick upe stone and the try shoot.
Go to the trap.

PART 2 (Banquet):
Choose acorn.
Talk to the 3 children.
Don't eat acorns.
Choose pie.
Don't eat pie.
Drink from the jar.
Choose fish.
Don't eat fish.
Choose tart.
When you choosing eat or not you must drink again and then choose spit it out.
Take a knife.
Go right.
Take an arm from corpse.
Use "SPACE" key.
Hit the library.
Hit the snones.
Go out.

PART 3 (Searching of Hansel):
Pick up coin behind tree on the right.
Go 2x to the left.
Pick up coin.
Every plant pull 3x.
Go near the chest.
Go 2x to the right and then 1x up.
Pick up coin behind the tree.
Hit the bell on tree (SPACE key).
Buy a carrot.
Go down and use carrot to the trap.
Hide youself behind on the left and then use rope.
Use knife on the catched rabbit.
GO down and catch a frog.
Go up and left. Throw the frog to the bear trap.
Pick up cion and trap.
Go 2x right.
Use a bear trap and then rabbit heart to the trap.
Pick up coin.
Go right with upper way.
Pick up coins from tree.
Pick up jug.
Go up.
Look at the paper on the left.
Use glasses (top right corner of screen).
You see a murder of woman and place where is axe.
Go down and left then right by down way.
Pick up coins.
Go down and hit the wall.
Pick up coins.
Go 3x left and up to the trader.
Buy a shovel and a map.
Now you can use map on the upper right corner of screen.
Use a shovel on the ground.
Use map - Tree with eyes.
Use a shovel on the ground.
Use map - Bridge with dead bear.
Use a shovel on the ground.
Use map - Murdered woman.
Use a shovel on the ground.
Pick up axe.
Use map - Tree with roots on the path.
Use axe and pick up coin.
Go up by the right way.
Use hand.
go 2x near the watter and the use hand.
YOU ARE DEAD (meantime).

PART 4 (Fairy):
Take a bin.
Fly over the Hansel and click on right arrow.
Fill the bin and fly over the Hansel.
Choose a bin and after Hansel pee choose a Hansel.

Next parts maybe tomorrow.

Von said...

Wow. Hats off to an amazing game. Totally absorbed a few hours of my time! Manageable without walkthrough but did need to restart a few times due to glitches. Nice work.

Xantipa said...

it was just so scary some times!
love this series!

Anonymous said...

WOO! I got five different hats/hankies from the mini-game at the begining.

Here's how you can get them.

The Blue Hankie - Don't do anything, you will get it when you start.

The Red Hankie - Get 50 Points.

The Metal Hankie - Get 100 Points.

The Teddy Hat - Get 500 Points.

The Witch Hat - Get 1000 Points.

I don't know if there are any others. If there are please post them!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that you can change your reflection's handkerchief if you click on it in the icy area?

Anonymous said...

I think that the game has gone buggy. I had to stop playing yesterday and now when I click continue at the beginning it brings me back to the opening scene. I'm quite irked about that. I made it all the way to the fairy part and now I've got to start all over again. Has this happened to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

It seems to be working again but now I can't get all fo the coins to buy the bow and arrow from the peddler. Does anyone know where all of the coins are located?

Anonymous said...

the walkthrough above lists the coin locations.

Anonymous said...

hey you guys i cnat seem to put the frog on the bear trap can anyone tell me how to do this? i would be very very greatful if you did.

Jessica said...

You put the frog on the bear trap to get it. Then you put the bunny heart on the bear trap to lure the bear. I know it shows to put the frog on it to lure the bear, but I found it was opposite.

Anonymous said...

I still can't get all of the coins. The walkthrough isn't helping me find them. Can someone help me? I'm only missing five. All I need to get is the bow and arrow from the peddler. If someone is willing to make a list of where the coins are located that would be great.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I finally finished it with two coins to spare. I only got two of the "Death Badges" at the end. I'll try to get the others later. I can't wait for part 3! I hope that it comes out soon!

Anonymous said...

how do you get the glasses

Anonymous said...

The glasses are in the box that appears after you pull on all of the little plants by the eyeball tree three times. I hope that can help. I had to use the in-game walkthrough for most of the game. I found that to be very helpful.

help said...

Walkthough for hansal and greatel the first game please

Someone(haha) said...

ahaaa grrrreat game! luved it

Marco Germany said...

I've lost the torch!!

Anonymous said...

how do you even DO that

Marco Germany said...

@Anonymous I haven't a clue. Maybe it's just a bug. Di I NEED the arrow and bone from the ice lady? Because if I do I'll have to start over.

Great game though!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, did you get the coin bag on the top of the hill with the tree? Where you use the fairies to make Hansel wee? To get it you have to hit the side of the hill with the branch (press space) twice. Hope that helps.

Someone(haha) said...

urghhhhh!!!! my arrow keys kept getting stuck! I almost broke the keyboard out of pure and utter frustration!!!! :-@

Anonymous said...

There are more hats

MINIGAME PRIZES *All credit goes to DiMono*

50 points - Red's hankie
100 points- Black hankie
500 points- Teddy hankie
1000 points- Witch's hat
5000 points- Crazy hankie

Got it from newground

Anonymous said...

You can use the jug of water for many things. Use it to get water from the fairy pond and water the tree on the island. You can also use it to get water from the bear place and water the plant at the place where those strange statues are there.

Bobica said...

Where can I find all the coins? Because I need the arrow to shoot the deer. Please help me.


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