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August 21, 2010

treasure of big totem 12

The big totem point and click adventures of Federico Rutenberg continue in treasure of big totem 12.


Anonymous said...

That was fast, Big Totem 11 was just a week or so ago. Love these even though I get stuck sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Annnnddddd I'm stuck. Got a lot of stuff, but nothing seems to work and they dont combine.

Rob said...

Made it, all by myself!
Nice and easy...

Anonymous said...

Find the code of the safe, open it and you're out...

Anonymous said...

I take it you have to use the flowers in the corect order to get the code for the safe but I cant get how. I have trie counting the petals, leaves and stems but cant get it

Anonymous said...

You're not meant to count the petals. In fact, you're meant to crush the flowers for later use. Also, the recipe for the sleep potion involves crushing. I'm just mentioning that because it's never even hinted at in the game. :s

Anonymous said...


First screen grab the can on the rock under window
Grab green plant next to guys knee and grey plant above the right telescope and blue flower on left side of store notice then green leafs on the top left of the mountain that you can't grab yet
Zoom in on the top telscope get the red flower and the stick on the right side of the pole next to the telescope. Also a egg from the nest
Go into store click on note next to register back up and click the green leaf from the left side of the mountain
Go back in the store grab the bowl on the floor the right bottle on the counter and the four can on the top shelf.
Click the barrel in front of you and fill the cans with the rice place the biggest one on the scale it says its only a quarter.
Click on the note for the directions to make the sleeping potion combine the items in that order until you get to the liquid part.
Combine the stick and bowl crush the items you combined add the liquid to the cup on the counter grab the cup combine the mixture with the cup give it to the man click register for coins
Combine the flowers with the bowl and make colored dust go out to the telescopes click the blue then the telescope it says its tinted go back to the hand in order to look around find a number zoom out do it again with the red
Zoom out and use the telescope on the right the left is broken use the grey then the green the same way go into the store and use the numbers on the safe

I forgot where all the notes where so the order of the numbers goes like this thanks to the hint from Peke

When the sky is blue and the sun turn the sand red..
.. the villagers leave their houses with green hope..
.. to get food for his gray campfire.

The numbers change each game

Enjoy. Now let's wait for #13.

Miss Piggy said...

I can't get the green leaf. How do you get it?

Anonymous said...

The flowers won't combine, isn't the combinatiion, blue red green grey, and where is a stick, the walkthrough never said anything about a stick

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 23:37: The walkthrough did say something about a stick, it's in the up-close of the top telescope, to the right of the middle beam. The flowers don't combine, you eventually use them on the telescopes to get the safe code. The 'combination' that is talked about is the mixture of the green leaf, egg, and grain. :)

JAYPEE said...

arrrrgghhh..... stinkin' pixel hunt for that stick..... I ate pixel hunting!!!!! :)


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