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August 21, 2010

kaitai dismantlement, toaster

A new dismantle puzzle: armed with only a screwdriver, can you dismantle the toaster in kaitai dismantlement, toaster?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not first. Also cannot figure out the Colored squares. Tried several options.

Anonymous said...

Ok, finished the 4-color turning squares (and out...) using brute force. Even after getting the answer it made no sense, so I can't give a hint, only the answer


Its the colors starting bbrr in that order.

Eff said...

Great game, like always. For the first time I solve Kaitai game all by myself :)

horrorshow said...

Yeah, just like Eff, this was my first dismentlement that I made without help :)
Seems like there are getting more easy :P

@ Anonymous
For the colour riddle:
there are 4 sliders for 4 positions... which colors of the cube have contact with which slider???

TiCKed said...

I find the dismantlement puzzles oddly satisfying....Better keep your important electronics away from me. :)

Anonymous said...

This was easier than the other dismantlement puzzles. It was 1 puzzle at a time with 1 hint at a time instead of giving multiple puzzles and hints and having to figure out which goes to which.

Zenrage said...

This one was easier than the others.

The color square did make sense even though I had to run through almost all 256 combinations.

The top square shows what the colors need to be for slots 1 and 4 in the sequence.

The bottom square shows what the colors need to be for slots 3 and 2 in the sequence.

The bomb sequence was very satisfying.

Anonymous said...

That's sad, I can't even get past the first puzzle. Which grey dots should be clicked? Or is it the letters on the front?

Rling said...

wow finally managed to open a kaitai object! (beside the smelly can). yay! finally the bomb that didn't quite scare me off too much this time!

Anonymous said...

seems easier than other ones:)

start with the letter puzzle on the right side, not with the dots!
FH...I BEG A CD. - you can push these buttons in an order. alphabet.

Anonymous said...

it should be called "dismentalment" cause it takes your mental health right out of it.

great game though =]

Alexander said...

Yeah I did it.

Anonymous said...

what the weird = 5 about puzzle - don't get it

Me/You said...

Wow, first Kaitai dismantlement that I finished by myself! That's really satisfying... Thanks a lot Bart! (And Kaitai for his game, but he won't probably read this post:) )

Anonymous said...

I finished the first puzzle, but I can't finish the dot puzzle.

Anonymous said...

I also finished with no help, a first for me. Must be they are getting easier. Looking forward to the next one.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can't figure out the red grid dot problem. It makes no sense.

Zenrage said...

For the red grid puzzle:

On top you have two panels with three red lines and an S shape. Below each panel there are two additional grids with additional squares colored in.

You need to mentally overlap the grid above with the grids below in order to find the correct code to enter.

Anonymous said...

please tell me the coloured squre combonation

Anonymous said...

wat do u do with the bomb

Anonymous said...

I can't get anything, is the thing on the side supposed to make a sentence,there are not enough vowels for that

Peter said...

Note that all letters from A to I appear here, and each letter only once.

Boris said...

Yay got it first time without help.

Must be getting easier.

David said...

Everything made surprisingly sense all the way. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

confused on the dot puzzle. someone please help!

horrorshow said...

For the dot puzzle:
There are 3 kinds of symbols: one for 1 click, one for 2 clicks & one for zero klicks...

Anonymous said...

too easy

Anonymous said...


After you solve puzzles you need to zoom out (back button in upper right corner) to remove parts from the toaster.

Click on the screw to start the game.
You can zoom on the 8 circles at lower part of the toaster, but you have no clues for them yet.
Zoom on the upper right side of the toaster.

Click to open the letter puzzle.
Looks a bit like letters from the first part of the alphabet…
Press them in that order: ABCDEFGHI

Remove the four screws.
Zoom out and click to remove the white part.
Zoom out once more and click on the upper part of the square inside the right side of the toaster.
The lever goes down and you get toast.
Zoom on the left toast for a clue to the circles on the front side.
Press “return” in upper right corner to go there and solve them.

Zoom on the circles.
The clue from the toast tells you how to press them.
You won’t notice that you did it right until you zoom out and see four new screws.
Next to the clue is an arrow that shows “from up to down”.
The circles should be pressed from left to right.
In the clue double circle means “press two times”, single circle means “press one time” and X means “don’t press”.
Amount of times to press (start from left to right): 21x122x1
Zoom out and remove the new screws.
Click to remove the cover.

Zoom in the lower part to remove the single screw.
Zoom out and click where the screw was.

Zoom on the turning shapes.
The valve below them should be pressed according to sides of the shapes, and the direction they turn. You should also follow the arrows between the shapes to get the right order for them (top row from left to right, bottom row from right to left). First shape turns clockwise and has three sides.
Solution: Press right arrow by the valve 3 times, then press left 4, right 5, left 4, right 6 times.
Remove the two new screws.
Zoom out and press the shapes to remove the cover.

Jam, butter, bake, bread
Four words, different amount of letters in the words.
Open the white lid below the numbers.
The numbers tell which letters to use.
2/5 = press the second letter in the word with 5 letters = bRead
3/4 = press the third letter in the word with 4 letters = baKe
1/6 = press the first letter in the word with 6 letters = Butter
3/3 = press the third letter in the word with 3 letters = jaM
Solution: RKBM
Remove the new screw.
Zoom out, remove the cover and the two new screws.
Another cover, another screw and click again where the single screw was to remove the last thing before the color puzzle.

Anonymous said...


Zoom on the colored squares.
The squares pass four triangular “stations” when they move, two for each square.
On bottom part of these stations you see small dark squares in different locations.
These small squares tell in which order to look at the stations (square position from left to right).
Station order is: upper left, lower right, lower left, upper right.
Start with the upper left station (dark square far left side). When the colored square is in this station, the blue color points down. Blue is your first color.
Look at which color points down at the other stations.
Colors: blue, blue, red, red.
Change the dots to look like this and remove the two screws.
Zoom out and remove the cover.

Zoom to see a “Sakura puzzle”.
Open the lid below the grids and insert the numbers you get from combining the grids above.
Start with adding the two colored squares in the bottom left grid to the upper left grid. You’ll get a number 5. Do the same thing with the two squares in the second grid from left, lower row. You’ll get number 2. The two right grids in lower row are used on the top right grid, one at a time.
Solution: 5296.
Remove the screws, the cover, the new screws and that cover too.
Two more screws and a cover in between before the last puzzle.

The bomb.
The words “able was I ere I saw elba” is a palindrome. That means the letters are the same if you read them from left to right or from right to left.
You need to fill in the missing letters in the lower words to make that a palindrome too.
The first letter from right is a “w”, so the first letter from left should be the same.
You’ll end up with the words “was it a cat I saw”, and your missing letters are: WIAT
Enter them and press the screw in the middle of the bomb.
Press the green light.
Remove the last screw and cover.
Congratulations! You just destroyed your fully functional toaster

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that the walkthrough is in two parts. It was to long to fit into one post. I hoe that it can help anyone who is stuck with this one.

Anonymous said...

Oops... Typo in the last post. I meant "hope" not "hoe". Sorry about that.

Carly said...

Yay! "Sense of acomplishment" :)
Finished it in record time without any problems at all. That's a first for a Katai game. Great post, Bart!

Anonymous said...

I love how theres always a bomb, it's like i've dismantled the most precious thing in the universe and now i must be blown up

Anonymous said...

YEEEESSS! The first thing i dismantled without help! :-)))

greetz from vienna

Miss Piggy said...

I can't get the toast. I can't get it to go down.

Lilian said...

I just want to say thanks to "Anonymous" who added the walkthrough. I hat to look at it before the bomb. Lets blame it on the fact that I had to finish up quickly, shall we? :D

Nice game, I really enjoy this gameseries.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. I'm glad that it helped.

Anonymous said...

First Dismantle puzzle i've finished without a walkthrough! .. yay!

Anonymous said...

not so easy :D but a nice game. most of this games are fun

Anonymous said...

At some point i just died so much that i was just killing everything in my path. I actually decided to do robot wants kitty first, because i haven't done that one and the rocketing upwards isn't working, i got the little cube that tells me i should be able to but no matter what key i press it won't work

Anonymous said...



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