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August 14, 2010

treasure of big totem 11

The continuation of Federico Rutenberg's big totem point and click adventures: it's treasure of big totem 11.


Anonymous said...

Yay! A new game.

Anonymous said...

A bit complicated. Especially the stone bit.

Anonymous said...

Yea I had to use the walkthrough for the stone, I was stuck.

horrorshow said...

I'm getting really bored of these. What I don't really like is this randomness...

just like the person who want's something to eat & then you find it in your backpack although it wasn't there before

jdoe said...

I did it myself :)

Wind Lane said...

It's not so bad, but one screen for everything is a little dull.

Igloo said...

This series is easier and dumber at each episode. Good time spoiler though. Wave if you need help guys.

Someone(haha) said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hint, horrorshow! I was getting tired of random clicking :)

Also, I agree with you, Igloo... however, this series is good for procastination.

madzy said...

I am so glad they continued the big totem.

Anonymous said...

I've got the three lights activated, and put the stone in one of them...but then I'm stuck. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: You need dirt. :)

Anonymous said...

Right, obviously, but I can't get past "The earth is very hard."

CMarie said...

I need help!! :(

AJ said...

Have you made the hammer yet?

Anonymous said...

No. I have the stick and the two grey items from the I missing a key item to make the hammer?

Anonymous said...

You need a rope and a stone that's somewhat hidden on a large rock in the background.

Anonymous said...

i got earth now how do i get the sun and the moon

Anonymous said...

for the moon you have to beat the rock you got against the large stones in a certain order. For the sun once you've gotten the earth and the moon a guy comes and asks you for something to eat, reach into the backpack and give him the bread. He gives you oil and you can probably figure out the rest.

Anonymous said...

i have the moon and i have the dirt inside one of the cups, but i can't get it into the cloud

Anonymous said...


Click the bag twice. Get two BOWLs.

Get STRING from trunk of palm tree, STICK from by the skull torch, and ROCK from boulder along the river (back middle, on the bottom right side of the boulder). Combine STICK and ROCK, then add STRING to make HAMMER.

Use HAMMER on the earth alongside the path to get DIRT. Combine a BOWL and DIRT.

Select the other BOWL and click on river to get BOWL OF WATER. Combine BOWLS. Heat over torch to front right to get CLAY BALL.

Pick up STONE from in front of the three stone slabs. There are 4 boulders you can hit it on: 1, directly behind her; 2, next to the palm tree; 3, by the torch to the front right; and 4, by the skull torch. Hit the STONE against (in order), 1, 3 and 4. If you do it wrong, the STONE will turn to dust – that’s okay, you can grab another. When you do it correctly, you get STONE BALL.

Now for the tricky part: click on the writing on the three stone pillars. You will get 3 sentences. They are:
“It rained three times, but clouded over one, and 6 new plants grew.”
“I’ve seen it seven times . . . five groups of stars. . . but only one was the highest mountain.”
“Two lightning fell on eight trees, when the moon came out five times.”

With these sentences, click on the bottom right of the right stone pillar to see an interesting mechanism. Match up the sentences with the images. After every sentence is correct, go click on the rounded rectangle thing on the appropriate pillar.

The bottom left wheel is the first part of the sentence – rain, eye or lightning, respectively. The arrow then points to a number – three, seven or two. That sets up the next part – one points to clouds, five to stars or eight to the tree. Then the plant points to 6, the mountain to 1 or the moon to 5, as follows:

Rain - -> 3/1 - -> cloud/plant - -> 6 (slash means on the same wheel)
Eye - -> 7/5 - ->stars/mountain - ->1
Lightning - -> 2/8 - -> tree(plant)/moon - -> 5.

When you do it correctly, a circle of light appears above the pillar. You should now have 3 circles of light.

Take your ROCK BALL and put it in the rightmost circle. The CLAY BALL goes in the middle circle. Then a guy comes up to you and asks for food. Click on your bag to get BREAD. Give the guy your bread for a bottle of OIL. When he walks off, use HAMMER on the ground ridge again for CLOTH. Join CLOTH and OIL, then light on rightmost torch for FIRE BALL. Put the FIRE BALL in the leftmost circle of light, and a hand with a scroll will rise from the ground. Take SCROLL.

I hope that the walkthrough was helpful.

That's the end for now... I can't wait for the next one.


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