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August 11, 2010

escape the 13th floor

While walking home late one night a car stopped and you heard a strange voice. That voice is the last thing you can remember, so now it's time to escape the 13th floor.


Hev said...

first :L

Me/You said...

Great... Just to many rooms for me :)

Anonymous said...

Nice game! I even made it out without any help. How about that :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice game, i like but iam stuck :( need something that is long enough to reach die curtain button and/or the golden key

Anonymous said...

you have to get a long pole frm e 2nd story in a room behind the vending machine. i'm stuck at the janitors closet with the switches

Me/You said...

@ Anonymous 13:57

All the switches need to be black...

Anonymous said...

How do you move the vending machine to get to the pole?

Anonymous said...

you have to get a ninja star from the lawyer's office. the key 2 the office is behind the pot nxt 2 e door

Anonymous said...

How do you get the ninja star from the lawyer's office?

Igloo said...

You need to log onto the computer (password is LIE, see painting clue) and combination for the safe is given by blue shapes : square + 4 etc...)

Anonymous said...

Where are the batteries?

Anonymous said...

Vending machine, 2nd floor.

Anonymous said...

What does the code on the computer mean?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I made it w/o help! Pretty cool game.

Anonymous said...

where do you get the quarters?

Becca said...

I don't get the code that is on the computer with the diffrent colored shapes??

Anonymous said...

count the sides on the shapes... and try!

Wind Lane said...

I liked the game, it's great that there's lots to explore, but I didn't like that there were floors closed off merely because the developer wanted to name it "Escape the 13th Floor".

Being able to explore those other floors would have been really cool even if there wasn't anything to collect there.

Anonymous said...

That was great. I prefer multi-room escapes. Puzzles were a bit too easy to work out though.

Anonymous said...

you get the quarters by putting your dollar note into the change machine in the games room. It will give you the 4th quarter you need.

Anonymous said...

where is the safe??????

Anonymous said...


Go right, janitor’s door locked (gold key).

Click coin return on vending machine to find a quarter.

Go right. Another locked door. Vent grid screwed down.

Go right. Look at coat on couch and find silver key. Door to stairs is jammed.

Go left and use silver key on door. Open middle red drawer, take screwdriver. Open drawer of cupboards and take a dollar.

Move chair to reach suspended key but you need something to cut the rope.

Back out and zoom on the vent. Use screwdriver on the four screws. Climb in.

Take quarter from newspaper vending machine.

Go left and click on button for lift. Enter and click on number panel. Choose a button and note that a key is required. Close number panel and leave lift.

Go right twice and enter the coffee shop. There’s a key you can’t reach beneath the floor grid.

Leave and go right (you’re on the 12th floor). Go through door and down twice and left to 10th floor.

Go left and take quarter from vending machine. Go left and enter clothes shop.

Go right. Open changing room door and take clothes hanger. Go left and back out.

Return to stairs, go down and left to 9th floor. Go left, door requires access card. Go back to stairs and back up to floor 12.

Return to coffee shop and use hanger on grid to get black key.

Go to lift and use black key in pad. Floors 11,8,7,4,3 are under construction, press 6 and exit lift on 6th floor.

Go right. Law office is locked. Move pot plant, take brass key. Use key on door to enter. Enter password on computer.
Look at poster on wall: LIE is highlighted – use as password (all caps).

Click poster to expose safe – enter code. Code is:

Look at the cabinets – clue from all the blue paper. Look at the blue shapes on the computer screen, read from left to right and count the number of sides of each shape. Take ninja star.

Go right twice and enter staircase. Go down and left to 5th floor. Go left and enter cinema. Click on seats to right, look at hat and take id card.

Leave cinema and take lift/stairs to floor 9.

Go right twice and use id card on door. Take torch from third locker from the left and back out.

Take lift/stairs to 2nd floor. Go right and examine symbols order. Go right. Pad
to right of door: insert ninja star. Enter symbols in order (Earth, moon, water, fire).

Enter hole to secret room. Take bo staff. Go left. Note sword but need to place something on platform to take it.

Go right twice to leave room. Need one more quarter for vending machine.

Go right and downstairs to first floor.

Go left and enter arcade. Put dollar in change machine and get quarter (what a rip off!).

Back out and go left. Use bo staff on button top right of fortunes place. Take crystal ball.

Back in lift, return to 2nd floor and right twice to vending machine. Put the four quarters in and take a pack of batteries. Put the batteries in the torch.

Enter secret room and go left. Place crystal ball on platform. Take sword.

Leave room and take lift to 12th floor. Take vent shaft to 13th. Go to office and use sword on rope. Move chair again and take gold key.

Leave office, go left and use gold key on janitor’s door. Use torch on room. Click on the fuse box on right. Switch all the fuses on (no red marks should be showing).

Go back through vent shaft to 12th floor and take the lift to the 1st floor.

Leave through exit.

I hope that this helps!

Garret said...

I love how overly dramatic the music is

RED~Scribe said...

I think the music was quite epic, actually. Neat game.

Regan said...

Thanks for the walk-through

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck. Where do you get the flashlight?

Anonymous said...

Oh. I got it. K I'm out now.

Anonymous said...

Woo!!!! I took a quiz that told me how I was gonna die in pretty little liars. I don't wanna be home alone anymore.


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