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July 04, 2010

uncover escape

Uncover escape: another chance to prove your escape the room talents.


Anonymous said...

First! ohhh yes! x

Fitz said...

Excellent escape game. Didn't use walkthrough!!

Now I can actually get on with the rest of the day! Awesome when you figure one of these out.

Wind Lane said...

I did need one little help - couldn't figure out the last symbol in the second picture frame code message. Once I had that I was right on out. Really good game.

Mantaraya said...

I must have missed something along the way. There seems to be no clue for the pyramid switches.

Mantaraya said...

OK... found the last piece of paper in the little ball ornament. Kind of annoying since that didn't make much sense.

Escaped. Yay! I will now go celebrate my independence!

Anonymous said...

In the photo, it did show the scrrewdriver sitting beside the balls on top of the drawers.

NotMarian said...

Whew! I regret to say that I needed help on this. But I finished!


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