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July 07, 2010

eternal elements

Explore the magical cavern and uncover the secret of the environment-changing elemental crystals in eternal elements, the latest point and click game by Rosedragoness.


Anonymous said...

First. Not a bad game. Pretty easy.

Anonymous said...

I tried not to use the book too much, and had to brute force the dragon teeth puzzle. Otherwise, pretty easy.

Anonymous said...

Page 9 of the Journal remains unwritten, or is there something I'm missing? Cute and relaxing though pretty easy...

Anonymous said...

in the main courtyard, click on the left hand side... you'll find the rest of the coins and page 9 will be revealed....

Wind Lane said...

Couldn't find the last two coins, but got everything else. It would have made it a little better if the earth element got used on something besides that door.

Anonymous said...

EASY! Got out in 1 min 45 sec with 54 coins! Yea me!

Rob said...

Easy but nice game...
got 56 coins

Anonymous said...


(With how to get 65/65 coins)

Start with pages 1 and 2 already in journal. Take 5 coins, wind orb in statue’s mouth (page 3).

Use wind orb on boulder in front, opens cave (page 4). Go straight on. Take torch.

Go straight on (page 5). Take windmill blade, 6 coins.

Go right (page 6). Take 7 coins. Fit windmill on hole on kayak. Use wind orb on blade and take water orb.

Go left and straight on (page 7). Take 6 coins. Use water orb in dried out pond.

Go back and right twice (page 8). Take 7 coins.
Go left twice. Click to left of tree on left. Enter hidden area (page 9). Take 8 coins.

Go back to start and use water orb on withered tree (top). Take apple.

Go back to creature beyond kayak (up*2, right*2) and give it the apple. Take stone orb (page 10).

Go left twice and up/left (page 11). Take 8 coins. From clue on page 11, click 1st and 4th teeth and tug dragon’s tail. Get fire orb (pages 12,13). Go down.

Go back and use fire orb on each of the torch holders and collect 5 coins.

Go forward and enter cave (click just above arrow). Use fire orb on torch. Take 7 coins.

Go straight on (page 14) and take 6 coins. Use orbs on their respective coloured jewels in door.

Go through door for final page of journal.


I hope that this can be helpful. Enjoy!

Bobette said...

This game is great! Everyone is saying it's easy, but for those of us (me) who aren't the best at escape games, I found it quite enjoyable! The artwork was beautiful, as always. :)
I love her stuff.


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