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July 14, 2010

love letter

Be the first to collect all 50 hearts without dying even once in Jonathan Whiting's new platformer and get a chance to change the love letter.


Florencia said...

aww a love gamee :D

horrorshow said...

A really nice platformer. I do like it very much.

I was so happy to finish the practice mode, especially the way back of the path that leads to 6 heart is very very hard.

Seariously: How many hours do you have to practice to finish this game without dying??? I think I would go insane of it :D

Anonymous said...

I really did like this one although I kept dying. I'm not to good at these platformer games. Very cute little game though.

Carly said...

@ horrorshow: You need less than 24 hours. At least that's what it took from publishing the game to winning it by a dedicated player. I gave up after about 18 hearts. My heart wasn't in it and I am going to bed now :)

Someone(haha) said...

pftttttt yeah right! i could NEVER finnish this without dying! thats kinda funny actually....

Anonymous said...

I really Hate this game >.>

At first it seemed like a nice game, but after two days of trying, and finally collecting all the hearts on the third day, and then to find out that you have to go all the way up! That really annoyed me.. such a frustrating game!!

And you cannot even save it! Everytime you have to go somewhere or something, you need to start all over again when you want to play again..

Right now, I hate the man who made this game >.>

Someone(haha) said...

hahahaha mkay normally I would dissagree... but you do have a point... I dislike how you cannot save your game. its an alright game if you like platformers.

Someone(haha) said...


Anonymous said...

I lose!
cute game, though!


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