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July 10, 2010

mystery mansion 103

You are in mystery mansion 103. Now please escape from the room.


Anonymous said...

Nice'n easy :)

midge11103 said...

Easy? that's could you know what to do? Bart just came up with it.

mrs olaf said...

I've got the battery, any help with the rest please?

Anonymous said...

Ha, I've completed it in 15 seconds!

(Alas, sheer luck - accidentally guessed the code for the box on the table by blind clicking)

Gamer said...

Write a walkthrough then!

Melissa said...

I have found a controller and two batteries. One battery was given to you after you solve the puzzle on the dining table. The other battery is given when you solve the puzzle on the window ledge. The controller is given to you when you put the correct puzzle in the box under the TV


To solve the dining table puzzle box: Use the letters poster on the wall beside the table. The letters with the symbols under them are used in the code. Imagine the letters are representing numbers (ex., B is 8, E is 3, etc.) Put them in the correct order by the corresponding symbols on the box.

To solve the window ledge box: Use the clues on the piano. The black piano keys represent a letter that would be between the keys on either side of it. I wrote down all the possibilities and just tried each one on the window ledge box. (ex. key #2 could be x, y, w, or z)

To solve the box under the TV: Use the clues from the colored circles on the sticks to the right of the box. There is a paper underneath the circles/sticks. The numbers in ( ) represent the order in which you are to remove one circle and put it on the stick indicated by the arrow. When you have moved everything, use the stick on the far right with circles/numbers on it as a key to tally up the digit for each stick. This is your code to put on the box.

You will get the controller, put in the two batteries. There is a 5 digit code to put in there, I think. I haven't figured that out yet. I haven't figured out the puzzle for the box on the sofa or the coffee table, either.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you want the exact codes to the puzzles in the instructions above. I thought it would be more fun for everyone to have a hint instead of just giving the answer out right.

Has anyone figured out the rest of the puzzles?

Melissa said...

I figured the rest out. (It took me more than 15 seconds, and it wasn't really nice'n easy for me.. :-) )


Use the the box on the sofa as a clue to input the controller code. It is the path that the lady bug makes. You need to have the controller pointed at the TV before you press Enter.

The TV will show you the squares that need to be clicked on the box on the coffee table. A key will be given to you, and you're out.

It's too bad that the box on the coffee table can be done by blind clicking, regardless of whether you solve the other puzzles. Maybe the developer could have given a key or other piece of the box after you turned on the TV that you would need to make the squares clickable.

I had a fun time figuring it out the round about way! Good game. Just challenging enough for me. Thanks, Bart!

Annymouse said...

Thanks for the help Melissa. Glad you didn't give all the codes and just pointed us in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

How do you move the colored circles on the sticks? I can't get them to budge.

Anonymous said...

....the "colored rings on sticks" is a clue for the box next to it dude....

Melissa said...

Moving the colored circles: You will have to draw this out on a separate sheet of paper to do this. I did two drawings: One of what the circles and sticks look like in the game, and one of what it would look like if I moved the circles following the clues on the paper. I had to draw it out because I couldn't do it in my head. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

It was simple. I just unlocked the box by clicking randomly, and got a key to the door.


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