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May 07, 2010

tombscape 2

Tombscape 2 is Psionic's latest point and click adventure, set in an ancient Mayan tomb.


horsesrock said...

1st!!! sounds intesting

Sunny Lauren said...

wooo!! is this by the ghostscape people?

Peter said...

Easy puzzles, nice graphics.

Alecia said...

Funfun! =D

Stuck at the snake puzzle.

Unknown said...

very good graphics as said above ^^, but also great game in general. the first puzzle was actually the hardest for me because i somehow couldn't see the two other triangles in the diagram.

also, it was kind of scary? the soundtrack is very creepy, especially with the little sounds like dripping water that occasionally come through . . . creepy! and the one popup at the second coffin scared me a lot. lol

there were some issues tho . . one of the torches had no flame but probably should have because the area around the torch still glowed as if it was lit. also, the use of plain text in some places was really strange when compared to the care and detail of the handwritten letter in the room right before the throne room . . . why was text used and then not used? it just seemed strange that great attention to detail was taken but only in certain areas . . . the text on the tombstones especially was not at all matching the setting

other than that (and the kind of lame ending) this was a pretty good game. some of the imagery is really amazing, especially with the creatures

Shoana said...

Liked it! I prefer puzzles that have you use your brain more than your mouse. Didn't find one of the torches though.

Sunny Lauren said...

This game came at a great time. Because it was about Mayans and mentioned 2012, I felt the need to look up 2012 on Wikipedia. There I learned that the Mayan prediction does not have to mean the end of the world. It can be a great spiritual transformation that happens.

But anyway...comments about the game itself.

The puzzles were easy enough for me to do, which is always a plus. I agree with Kris about using your brain more than your mouse.

The graphics were great, and the story was pretty good. I wasn't expecting the jump scares, but even though I usually hate those, they weren't that bad. And I adored the cave creatures! :)

My only complaint is that there wasn't as much story as I would have liked. Overall: 8/10. Great job.


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