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May 21, 2010

the tin soldier

The tin soldier is a new melancholic point and click adventure by Alejandro Iglesias.


Anonymous said...

First !

Anonymous said...

very mooving, a little hard to begin, but then so exiting :D

Anonymous said...

Scene #1-The Beggining

Drag the box open with your mouse, from right to left.

Click on the tin soldier all the way on the right.

Movement - Use the left and right arrows on either side of the screen to hop in that direction. (Having only one leg, you're a bit crippled.) Go right.

Talk to that bear
The teddybear doesn't have eyes, poor thing. What might it use for eyes?
Get the domino if you so choose.
Go right until you see the doll.

Take the button to the right.

Talk to the doll.

Seems like she's a bit tied up. (Heh.) Well, too bad for her. Finish her off, or not. The choice is yours(Click on the button she's standing on to finish her off. Put the domino that you have there to save her.)

Go right two screens.

Place the two buttons where the eyes should be on the teddy bear.

Scene #2-Grinding Gears

Ignore the frog for now. Go right.

On the robot's chest, with the three squares with dots in them, click on them. Notice that they change.

Talk to the robot, and arrange the squares as he tells you to.

The combination is 2, 3, 4. Press the button.

Talk to the robot again.

When the two images show up in the word bubble, click on the question mark option.

The clown will now let you pass. Go right.

Unscrew the screws in each corner.

Interesting. Two gears. But they do nothing. Back to the frog! (Go left two screens.)

The frog is hungry. The frog is a robot. Sadly, his plate is empty. What do you have that he might find to be a scrumptious snack?

Feed the frog the bolts by placing each one on the plate.

Take the gear.

Go right two screens.

Place the gear above and inbetween the two gears already there.

Turn the handle on the left side of the box.

Go right twice.

Scene #3-Meet Jack

Talk to the poor trapped girl. (No, you don't kill this one.)

That mean old monster has the key to the crate? You should go beat it out of him. Go right.

Wind the handle of the Jack in the Box. Oogaboogabooga, scary Jack.

Scene #4-Rock the Boat.

For this stage, you need to step in eiher the left, right, or center of the boat to tilt it and make it move past the obstacles.

Move to the left of the boat, until the boat stops.

Go to the right side of the boat to continue on your journey.

Argh! stopped again. This time moving doesn't work. Be patient.

Take the needle out of the thing floating by.

Use it on the bottle in the water.

Scene #5-In the Belly of a Whale

Oh dear. Eaten by a robot fish! Well, it's actually a fish, but whatever. Your tin man seems quite disheartened. Go right.

Take the 3 teeth from one side of the jaw.

Go to the left.

Use any one of the teeth to cut the three tentacles off your jelly fish buddy.

Go right. Insert the two of the tentacles into the empty holes.

Click on the rightmost one to see a fish hook. But it's so far away! Maybe the other tentacles will help?

But they don't work yet. Put the teeth back. Place them in proper order.

Put them in smallest to largest order, from left to right.

Still doesn't work. Go to the left.

Switch around the circuit thing to connect it to the other wires. Go right.

Now it works! Click the leftmost tentacle to move towards the hook.

Click the center tentacle to make the fish bite!

Scene #6-Dinner Time, and End

Now you're on a dinner table. Go left, and take some of the spaghetti.

Go right twice.

Click on the knife to tip it over.

Now attach the spaghetti to the knife.

Go right onto the spaghetti.

That doll has seen some better days. Go right.

Oh no! The Jack in the box again! Talk to him.

Have bittersweet sadness or exteme happiness about the ending. It all depends on the doll at the beginning.

You win!

Peter said...

Sad and haunting, beautifully done.

SarahDuck said...

Neat! I liked both endings, although it was sad to kill the girl at the beginning to see the second one. That ending is probably closer to the story of the tin soldier though.

Anonymous said...

Some sort of glitch in my game....Scene 2 with the frog, I can't do anything. Can't move left, right, or use anything. Not sure why. And not sure I want to start over, either.

Anonymous said...

this game was cute.

Anonymous said...

really good game!!not too big but still tricky...I loved the atmosphere and the music was not bad..It was a work of art...!!! :)

Qatie said...

Anybody understand what the robot is going on about after you start him up? When he starts talking about mathematical symbols and 1+1=1?

I feel like there ought to be another puzzle to solve...


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