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May 17, 2010

robot wants puppy

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, robot wants puppy. (that was of course right after robot wanted kitty)


Anonymous said...

Fourth time being first! =0)

palat said...

cute, cuter, cutest :-)

horrorshow said...

I just finished the game. Any hints how to get all of the awards? I'm missing the 2nd (Rocket Robot), the 6th (Bad Robot), the 9th (The Friendly Robot) and the 10th (Sekrit).

Unknown said...

kills 100 enemies to get Bad Robot. Dunno about the rest though...

Mantaraya said...

(Stolen from another site when I was searching for my missing achievements)
(1) Robot Got Puppy: Finish the game
(2) Rocket Robot: Finish in less than 20 minutes
(3) Cat Scratch Fever: Collect all 10 razor claws
(4) Calamari is served: Defeat Hoverzorg
(5) Cat and mouse: Defeat Blocko
(6) Bad Robot: Slay 100 enemies
(7) Rebound: Catch kitty midair
(8) Look out below: Kill an enemy with a stalagmite
(9) The friendly robot: Kill 40 enemies or less
(10) Sekrit!: Discover the secret item of wonder (hint: look for the fake laserbeam in the lower areas)

Anonymous said...

stuck with the big metal robot, can't kill.

Anonymous said...

oh, got it. just attack the things above. use them on the robot.

hotarumikan said...

exciting with this game :)

Anonymous said...

in the end!!! robot want kitty and robot want puppy finished i'm so proud of myself wasting my time that usefully!! lol god games

Anonymous said...


Big robot : use the ceilling triangles

What's the use of the "secret item" ?

Thijs said...

Silly robot, kittens and puppies don't mix.

Carly said...

There's this octopus thingy in a rotating open circle that I can't get rid of and I am stuck because the other door won't open. Not my favorite game.

Anonymous said...

carly, place robot in the center platform, shoot left or right, kitty will hit other platform and fall normally, when the octopus is in this horizontal line, the opening's upside, so quite easy.
just avoid it then replace

Anonymous said...

They should make an award for dieing a million times because i would so win that one.


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