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April 16, 2010

rebuzz plus

24 rebus puzzles in one little game, it's rebuzz plus.


horsesrock said...

1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I need help with 11, 12, and 13...

Anonymous said...

couldnt do heart one already used all skips help please

Anonymous said...

can't even get the first one... helppppppp

Anonymous said...

heart to heart

Anonymous said...

I need help with 20!! :D Anyone?

Anonymous said...

the hints are pretty lame.

PawnStar said...

Got them all.. that last one was hard... no skips used :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a complete answer list. There were a few that I just didn't understand, even with the hints.

Anonymous said...

1. once in a blue moon
2. small talk
3. broken hearted
4. cross breed
5. falling asleep
6. split personality
7. third world
8. you're under arrest
9. ready for anything
10. two left feet
11. down right stupid
12. unfinished symphony
13. heart to heart
14. turn the other cheek
15. travel overseas
16. skating on thin ice
17. up for grabs
18. scrambled eggs
19. up to no good
20. hijacking
21. summary
22. balanced diet
23. for once in my life
24. mixed metaphor

Unknown said...

yeah... 24 <> 30

Louise said...

I loved this one, very hard, in places at least!

Zenrage said...

These are NOT rebuses.

Unknown said...

okay game, but you pretty much need to be american or have good knowledge of popular phrases/cliches in order to play. luckily i knew most of them (although it was still hard) so was pretty good.

unfortunately because this type of game is less about skill and more about prior knowledge the level difficulty is hard to control . . . some levels seemed way too easy and others very hard, all mixed together in no difficulty curve.

the programming seemed alright, nothing great or different, and i never actually listened to the soundtrack except for at the beginning and end . . . seemed like standard throwaway techno song.

overall, nice idea but hard to please that many people when so much relies on where you come from and what you know outside of the game itself

Montykaler10 said...

No christian theres only 24

madzy said...


Kazz said...

I love how the hints tell you what ALREADY KNOW!!!!


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