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April 22, 2010

enough plumbers

There are enough plumbers but can you control them all simultaneously in order to reach the end flag in each level?


Anonymous said...

Good game....:)

JAYPEE said...

Holy Mario Bros. Batman!

palat said...

omg I love this one :-)

JAYPEE said...

That's a top 10 candidate for sure, Bart....


horrorshow said...

What a wonderful game. I have to agree with JAYPEE. This will be one of my favorites this year.

Anonymous said...

it's like Mario good old!!

Anonymous said...

super game, but can't do 24. Understood it, but can't do it... :s

Unknown said...

Great Game. There is not enough that can be said about how well done this game is. Just consider that it has been 25 years since Super Mario Bros was released and someone has found a way to make it better.

Anonymous said...

Spoiler alert:

About lvl 24.

I struggled with this one for a while, until I figured out one little trick.

Right after I get the mushroom, I take the blue guy to the right (just because he's easier to control). At the edge of the screen, I let the red guy drop so he's in the "L" shaped section
while the blue guy is still up high on the right. Then I run off (no jump) and land ON the tip of the "L" shaped part on the right

This allows me to position the two plumbers equally, so they finish in the middle. I just run down toward the middle(again, no jump, easier to control)and stop before I have to jump back up to get the coins. Just a little careful jumping from there and the level is complete.

Since I learned that positioning trick off the first drop off, I can finish the level every time.

Anonymous said...

Ugh.. it removed the spaces from my second diagram... It's supposed to look like this (without the dots):


The X is supposed to be the blue plumber on top of the wall.

Anyway, loved this game, quite creative, fun, and challenging.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation, I succeed. Not sure i did exactly what you said, but at least I found a solution, if not yours :D

Thanks again !
Game ended, loved the boss MOUHAHAA !

Linda said...

I hope you can feature emergency plumber Perth in one of your games. They're real lifesavers!

Kathy said...

I wonder if this part of the game was inspired by real Perth plumbers. Sometimes, games imitate real life.

plumber in mornington said...

A great post you have here. I grew up with Mario ever since! And I'm still into it up to now. The game is just history and part of my childhood. Plumbers for the win!


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