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April 11, 2010

dreamy island

You'll be needing your point and click skills while exploring the grow-like dreamy island.


Imer said...

firsties ^^

horrorshow said...

What a lovely little game. I really like the graphic & just made it to the end :-) (I guess it would be easier if I could read the speech bubbles)

By the way: Did I see it right that the characters in the game a tiny cute animals with colored poo on their heads? ...really strange xD

Honze said...

The game is entertaining, but really buggy.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to play it in English?

Unknown said...

I'm stuck in the cemetery... Can't find a walkthrough anywhere, and I feel like that means I should be able to solve it, but apparently, not today :P

Unknown said...

ah, restarted and got it...cute, although hard to tell when you're at the end.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please share some hints?
I'm also stuck at the cemetary. :/

Unknown said...

if you clicked the ghosty thing, pretty sure it scared you to death and you have to restart... when the cemetery opens up, click the buried cat-thing, then the shovel...

Anonymous said...

For Sarah,

walkthrough in cemetery

Take the shovel and dig some points(glittering). You can find tail, some mummy things and eye patch.
(Don't dig the nearest one from cemetery. That's rubbish.)
Give that to corpse.

If you find the fire wood in forest and set it for meat, then you can find the jar near the pink poo rabbit.
Pick up the jar and click the orange ghost(actually it's not a ghost, ghost-like fire.)
Release the orange one to fire wood.
pink one is too hot, blue one is too cold.

Sorry for my poor english!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I killed it! :O:P
But thank you, I will try to restart.

Anonymous said...

I´m stuck on the tree.

I´m on top of it with a man with grey poo. What´s now to do? pleas help me=)

Anonymous said...

well, that's the end.
There must be "Congratulation" in Japanese.

Anonymous said...

What do I do after I get the stone from the alien???
Help me!

nemo said...

alien stone needs washed/dyed? before it can be used. just click around and don't give up.

Anonymous said...

Twice now I've played this and my character's disappeared, causing me to have to start over again. Can someone explain this?

madzy said...

I have done this game on and way too eeeaaaaaassssssssy

Montykaler10 said...

I am stuck with the guy in the clouds. How come every time it says youre lucky i cand do anything. Oh and i think the people mean something. 1st 3 r qualities someone can have, pink girl = love, green guy = intelligence,yellow man = wealth. next 3 r people, poker person/black and white guy = luck, book guy/panda = teacher/principal Corpse/black guy = cemetery guardian, grim reaper, corpse[again] etc. next 3 qualities in a person, gorilla guy = strength, white beard guy = wisdom. thats all i have btw ill be back to continue

Montykaler10 said...

Oops mistake 2nd 3 are poker guy = luck, Corpse man = death, Book man ?????

Montykaler10 said...

I AM STUCk oops caps anyway on 6the gre hair/poo man in tree

Alecia said...

I'm stuck on the grey haired poo man too!

Anonymous said...

Am stuck with grey beard poo-man in tree. Does the next step have anything to do with the alien and the colors that he turns? He changes so fast can't grasp the order.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...


Note, some tasks have to be done in order. Otherwise the game ends early, or your character disappears. (Or maybe that’s just a bug.) Many Japanese captions appear. I don’t understand them, but I got through the game without needing to. Clicking on some items gives you pictures in “thought bubbles”, the pictures are hints.

You won’t see many of the items below until you have completed the tasks.

- Click the waving leaves to make the island appear.
- Click on the power cord, it will be plugged into the outlet.
- Pull the arrow out of the tree trunk, then click on the heart.
- Click on the red switch. (Don’t try the green one yet).
- Click on the purse, then click on the gold coin.
- Click on the pen (it’s up in the tree), then the white page.
- Click on the dice above the roulette wheel, then roll the dice until you get two red spots.
- Click on the papers in front of the stack of books, then take the exam. It’s a mix of math problems, English spelling questions, and Japanese spelling questions. Since I don’t know Japanese, I just guessed and had to keep trying until I got three questions correct. The questions change each game.
- Click on the green switch.
- Click on the red arrow pointing into the woods on the little island under the alien spaceship.
- Click on the jar that has been dropped into the heart pond.
- There are three little fish (?) floating above the cemetery. Each one has a different color face. Click on the one with the orange face. Wait while the bear puts the jar on the ground and the fish moves into the jar.
- Click on the jar + orange fish; then on the firewood under the meat on the little island under the alien spaceship.
- Click on the shovel in the cemetery. There are 4 little lumps in the ground which sparkle (they are on the big island, not the cemetery). Click on 3 of them, do not click on the one nearest the cemetery. Then click on the half-buried cat (?) in the cemetery.
- Click on the gorilla (?) on the small island under the alien spaceship.
- Click on the key, then the keyhole in the big tree’s trunk.
- Click on the camera, then use it to take a picture of the spaceship (just center the ship in the frame and click).
- Click on the acorn which is hanging on the left branch of the tree, then click on the alien.
- Click on the heart pond.
- Click on the middle switch which is missing its knob, then click on the blue switch.
- Click on the grey egg near the keyhole.

There didn’t seem to be any significance to the alien’s colors or to the word ‘think’ that kept flashing in the upper left corner, although I suppose it was good advice!

Unknown said...

omg this is the game that started my obsession with grow games!!!! But that was like 2 years ago lol

airrin said... do you kno when its over?

Bigdog said...

This game was really boring.I couldn't understand any thing because it was all in Chinese.Bad choice

Anonymous said...

actually its not chinese its japenese

JJ said...

This game is so damn buggy, even following the walkthrough my guy still disappears. This game sucks but I wish it worked, because I'd like to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

This one seems to be made by decompiler without permission of original author.
That is the reason of too buggy.
You can play the original version here.

Eline said...

many thanks for the original version. It made a lot more scene.

Bart said...

I was not aware this was not the original version. I have updated the post with the new link now. Cheers!

Sarek said...

. . . And, this is where my Chinese class pays off. :D (For those who don't know, Japanese takes a lot of its characters from Chinese.) I was actually able to answer some of those questions without guessing!

Qatie said...

It's way smoother with the new link! And now it makes more sense, too.

Only thing, is that now I can't get the bottle to trap the fire with. I keep clicking on the pink character, but the bottle doesn't appear.

Qatie said...

Never mind - I'm an idiot. I thought that last time I played I'd gotten the bottle by clicking on the pink figure, and I forgot about getting the firewood out of the forest (which is the real trigger).


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