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April 30, 2010

enchanted palace

A musical clock needs fixing in the point and click game enchanted palace.


Anonymous said...

First - 1349

Anonymous said...

Second - 1428

Montykaler10 said...


AJ said...

Interesting little game. Pretty easy. Not sure I really appreciate this style of graphics, though I enjoyed the game. Thanks Bart.

Playerette said...

Right from the start I don't know what to do. The statue says "let's begin" and I start clicking and nothing happens (I WAS able to click the clock however "in order to" destroy it). The only clickable thing is the loudspeaker that has nothing to do with the game itself. I also tried walking around but nothing seems to work. What obvious thing am I not getting?

Playerette said...
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Playerette said...
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Unknown said...

playerette: i'm not sure if the instructions didn't appear or anything, but try clicking the left and right edges . . . each room has threen different screens.

about the game overall, definitely seems geared (pun) for the younger variety, but still fun.

my only issue was with the speed of the game: the character walks soooo slow, and its not even that, its that the walking animation is annoying.

i thought the art style was really nice, the actual voices was a nice touch too . . . although most of the characters were kind of annoying.

there was a nice sense of humor throughout, and so overall i enjoyed this game! yay

Big Limpin said...

Dude. Wut. This game was waaay too hard* for me. But the graphics were sweet, so some props should go to the creator. If we could wave some sort of magic wand to cobine this gut's graphics with Minoto's logic...damn, that would be a kickass game! :-)

*correction - by hard i mean easy

Playerette said...

ZumaEzra, thank you for your help, thanks to it I was able to play the game but since I did not enjoy it I stopped playing after finding the second gear.


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