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October 06, 2009

villa escape

Have you got what it takes to escape the room in villa escape?


Lichen Fairy said...

Muahahahaha! (I think I've done it again! XP)

Dahuuuuuudge said...

-under orange chair
-in left white chair
-in vase on right of starting screen

-in box connected to puzzle in between white chairs
-on the top of the far right side of the hexagonal artwork
-in the box connected to the Eiffel Tower painting (Just put them in order from least built to finished)
-in the crack of the couch on the backside, between the pillows

I can't figure out what to do after this, but there is some sort of board under the table next to the couch that I can't get to work.

horrorshow said...

@ Dahuuuuuudge:

- put the 3 papers together
- look at the combined paper (the 3 spots are arrowhead)
- put the blocks in the right place on the board under the table
- wait for the next game ;-)

Anonymous said...


Thijs said...

Even if you know where the colors go, it's almost impossible to get them to fit!

j-dogg said...

how do you get the blocks in the holes?

Anonymous said...

Great looking game, but two very frustrating things - firstly, the close-ups of the black sofa are difficult to see unless you're sitting in darkness; secondly, getting the blocks to fit into the puzzle is IMPOSSIBLE!!!


Carly said...

The blocks don't go in the spot where the color is the strongest. Just like horrorshow said: They are arrowheads pointing to thd correct spot. The blocks will stand there quite easily :)

Imer said...

OOH those blocks drove me crazy, until i figured out the arrow part -_-' love the graphics and can't wait for the next game.
Skål! (danish for cheers)

Joy said...

I still can't get the blocks to stay in the holes!!! Any ideas? Tx!

Joy said...

Got it now. Tx anyways!

Anonymous said...

Joy, why did you make that second post? If someone knows how to do this difficult part, why should they now NOT give a hint?

Did you think you were the only person who would ever get stuck there? Now that you figured it out, why didn't you tell others how you did it? Did you think this comment section was only for your personal assistance?

I just don't understand why people post like that.

Anonymous said...

To actually place the blocks in the holes you have to drag each block from your inventory and put the very bottom part of the block over the correct hole (the one pointed to by the arrow on the combined map). It's not where your mouse pointer is, but the bottom of the block itself.

Sorry, Joy, if it disappoints you that this answer was posted even though you already got it.

Joy said...

Re: Anonymous
This is not the first time that you have ranted about games and people's comments. One hopes that others would appreciate the opportunity to ASK for help, rather than being told the solutions.
The only thing truly frustrating, is your constant whining. So, as others have stated to you before, in one way or the other... put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

lol i <3 comment fights :) ppl its just a game, chill. for real, if you need help, ask for it! or let ppl ask for it. even though it annoys me sometimes too, dont waste your time posting this long-asd comment about how you hate that people posted that they figured it out! if youd let live, it would go something like this:
-Bob: Help! Can't figure X out!!!!
-Bob: nvm, I got it! :)
-Jack: Ooh! How'd you do it, Bob?
-Bob: blah blah blah blah blah.....

No fights, kay? :)

Nevermore said...

Hi, my name is Nevermore and I am addicted to escape games.
...Hi, Nevermore.
In the past I decided not to play anymore escape games in which the cursor doesn't change.
Today I played another one...:(
...Oh, no!
...Poor guy.
...I feel ya'
It's OK. It was awful. And I promise not to do it again.
...Good for you.
...Just say No!

Nevermore said...

I'm really here to critique other posters comments;)

(And I LOVE Firsters)

Anonymous said...

Joy, I have to admit that your particular follow-up comment was not of the worst variety. While you did not provide the solution to the problem you identified, you also did not say "never mind" like most of those second comments do. If you were merely posting out of exuberance from figuring it out, that's forgivable, though it still would have been better to explain how you did it (particularly since the problem was technical rather than strategic).

For those who do the:
1) I can't figure out where the last colored peg is!
2) NEVERMIND! I found the last peg.

There is really no excuse. The comment section should not be your personal twitter page. If you ask others for a game hint, you should understand why others would want the same hint and not force them to duplicate your post to get it. Otherwise you get:

A) I can't figure out where the yellow peg is!
A) NEVERMIND! I found it. Don't post with the answer.
B) I can't find the yellow peg, either! Please, where is it?
B) NEVERMIND! I found it too! Don't tell the answer now.
C) But wait! I can't find the yellow peg either. Please tell where you found it.
C) NEVERMIND! I personally found it, too.

This is stupid and people should stop it.

Nevermore said...

Someone needs a hug.

Carly said...

Good grief, you people need a life!

By the way, you anonymous-poster-that-still-hasn't-figured-out-how-to-get-a-name, there are a million walkthrough's all over the internet. If you can't find what you are looking for here, go somewhere else, and let people write what they wanna write. It's not your site, it's Bart's.

I had cereal for dinner! Got a comment for that? :P

Bart rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Carly, I think cereal for dinner is an under-appreciated adult pleasure. What kind did you have?

Carly said...

Haha, I am going coocoo for coco puffs! I'm a woman. I like chocolate ;)

By the way, anybody else think those rooms look pretty drab and unlived in? I understand more stuff makes for more hiding places and thus increased difficulty, but I wouldn't want to live in any of these. They look like showrooms in apartments for sale...

Anonymous said...

Ya know, for all the "drama" evidenced on this particular comment thread, that was one of the simpler rooms to escape. However, I will say that I was having the same technical difficulty with the pegs - I got 2 in, but couldn't get the other two! - and it was helpful to get the solution, no matter how round-about a way it was. If you are going to post at all, I agree that you should post a solution if you figure one out =)


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