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October 03, 2009

projector room

Where are you? In the projector room, but can you get out?


Omochao said...


Lichen Fairy said...

Nice easy one to start the day I thought. It's nice that they include a walkthrough in case people get stuck. :D

airrin said...

i min and 45 seconds!!! yes!!!

Nevermore said...

I like the style of this one. I usually don't care for the point and clicks that the cursor doesn't change when over an important item; too much clicking. This one however didn't require too much pointless clicking, and was fairly logical. Well, except for the plant click.

Thijs said...

19 minutes... darn cross. It didn't work for me first few times, maybe because I was mass clicking the plant.

Rob said...

Looks like we've made it!
(on my own)

Carly said...

21 minutes and 53 seconds. Sheesh. And only with a little help. Didn't realize you can turn the cube! I'd have spent another 20 minutes trying to figure that one out.

Nice one :)

Anonymous said...

What am I missing? There is no X on the wall. Nor has hitting anything with the pickaxe done anything.


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