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October 31, 2009

flying prince

Get ready for Minoto's point and click game for this week: flying prince.


Anonymous said...


good game

the first

ammar Saker

Anonymous said...

Nice as usual...

Anonymous said...

what am i missing i have a brush soil and a bag but nothing does anything anymore plz help

Anonymous said...

put soil in bag

jozzyka said...

what to do with the brush?

jozzyka said...

nevermind, i finished =)

Anonymous said...

Cute as always. Is it just me or are these coming to have more steps needed to complete now? Still nice and quick and logical but slightly longer than they used to be maybe (which is a good thing) Anyway, I love Minoto games so much :D

palat said...

a new minoto is always nice :-)

Anonymous said...

Jozzyka, you saw someone else ask for help with what to do with the brush. Then you asked for help to do with the brush. Then you learned what to do with the brush but did not explain it to anyone. You just announced that you got it. That was rude and selfish.

Clearly, you think YOU should be able to get hints here, so why won't you also give them to OTHERS who ask? At least don't waste everyone's time by saying "nevermind" if you aren't going to help others.

Brownie said...

can any1 help? i've got the paintbrush, sandpaper, key and yellow chick, wat do i do?

Ferneth said...

Nice one, minoto!!! I'm beginning to get the hang of this... I was stuck on the paintbrush and sandbag bit too- a couple of clues:
The sandbag is used to stop something
The paintrbush is to colour something to match something else

thesmothete said...

Walkthrough (SPOILERS!):

Get bag, go right
Get dirt/sand. Put dirt in bag, go left.
Use sandbag to dam stream. Get sandpaper. Go right.
Use sandpaper on wall to erase graffiti. Get key from brick. Go right.
Use key to unlock padlock and locker. Get pulley from locker. Get brush from behind locker. Go right
Give pulley to Koala. Get yellow bird. Use paintbrush on yellow bird. Go left.
Put bird in cage in exchange for bird already in the cage. Take eucalyptus from bird. Go right.
Give eucalyptus to koala. Get stone. go left twice.
Put stone on catapult. get staple remover. go right
remove staples from text. go right
put staples on pole. get pump. go left three times.
put pump on ground next to air cushion. Press pump many times to inflate cushion. Press boy.
Done! One method of one. That mermaid throws hard..

Bobette said...

When it was caught to the tree branch, hung on,
and help was asked for, the boy
who had flown somewhere was safely rescued.
Nice! Happy Halloween!

jozzyka said...

Anonymous #6
I saw an answer for Anonymous #3, and I thought he/she could figure it out, because he/she didn't wrote another question.
I'm sorry.

vitty said...

good game,W Minoto!!

Carly said...

Nevermind, jozzyka. That's just anonymous ranting again. They did the same thing in other threads.

Different anonymous: Nice and quick, yes, but logical?? Hehe, I have never found any Minoto game logical! ;)

matt w said...

Minoto games are logical, it's just not the logic we're used to the rest of the time. ;-)

NotMarian said...

Yay! I always forget that you can do things to the objects that you pick up.

Once I figured out about taking the leaves from the bird, I was OK.

Minoto, Minoto, Minoto! I Love It.

Nevermore said...

I love Minoto!

airrin said...

ok sixth anonymous on here,don't go "yellin'" at other people for asking for help and then figuring out wat it does and not telling any1 else,it is NOT rude or selfish not telling anyone wat you found out. . .it lets others find out wat to do on their own

qwerty said...

damn, calm down

Anonymous said...

Oh, it totally is rude and selfish to:

1) see that other people want help
2) ask for help yourself,
and then
3) learn the answer, and
4) keep it to yourself, AND
5) say "nevermind" as a way of discouraging others to answer the question.

If you want to ignore people who are asking for help because you think they should do it on their own, that's fine. I have no problem with that.

But then if you're asking for help yourself, clearly it's not a matter of principle. You are saying you WANT people to post the answer, but only for the exact 17 minutes until YOU get it on your own, and then NEVERMIND! and leave the people before you in the dark if they're still wondering.

How can that be anything other than rude and selfish?

That said, I appreciate jozzyka's response that it was a mistake and he/she thought no one else still wanted the answer. It was kind of him/her to respond and say so. Even then, as I've said before, if you are having trouble and want hints, chances are that someone else will later get stuck in the same spot, and so when you DO find the answer, instead of saying NEVERMIND!, you should do what you wish someone had just done for you and post the answer (or at least a hint).

I mean, what other meaning could "nevermind" possibly have, except to say "the only person in the universe who deserves an answer is me so it's no longer necessary to post it"?

Anonymous said...

how do u get the soil in the bag?

tam said...

Thank all you for your help! I miss Minoto very very very much and I keep going back to old games that I did not play. I really hope that Minoto will come back soon to game creating, because it would mean that he's feeling well again.
I'm very grateful to Minoto for all these beautiful games he created and wish him all the best!


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