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October 03, 2009

demolition city 2

Place your dynamite with care as you blast your way through Joey Betz's new explosive game demolition city 2.


Omochao said...


Nevermore said...

Although the first game review here is so involved, I would like to add that this game is almost as boring as a "firster".

Omochao said...

This is the only site I leave first comments on, its just become a silly litle tradition on bontegames.

As for the game itself, I played through the whole thing... and well it wasnt that great. Its alright, but you get way too many dynamite sticks, and its just alot easier than the first game.

Carly said...

Ah, yes, but the trick is not to use all your available sticks! I got away with mostly using 5-pack dynamite. Retired with over $300,000, yay!

This was fun! :)


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