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March 18, 2009


You're in a fancy room but the door is blocked, can you escape h2o?


Anonymous said...

I have an empty vase, a pole, and a headache from looking at the garish tiled walls!!

Keeper said...

I'm out! This game is pretty good, very logical and not much pixel hunting.

A little hint, you can use the pole on a loose tile.

Anonymous said...

I have got the loose tile, vase,jerry can,turned the water on, magnified the tile.I cant reach the thing at the top of the pipe where you turn the water on, and not sure where the code is for the left hand key pad or what to do with the magnified code on the table tile!

Anonymous said...

ok I have 2 litres of water in the jerry can and a full that right?

Anonymous said...

The magnified code IS the code for the left hand keypad, but what's inside isn't exactly helpful...!

Anonymous said...

I read the magnified code as 6EDh....then I translated the letters into numbers of the alphabet...6548...nothing happpens. I also thought first letter might be a G or a b not a 6 tried both of these neither worked. puzzled!
I have also frozen the mould and got a piece of ice and a ring of ice...havent got a clue what to do with them!

Keeper said...

When you try to reach the object at the top of the pipe, you should find out that the pole is not long enough. So you need to make the pole longer.

Looking carefully at the pole, there is a hole at the end of it, and you can do something with it.

And when you proceed, you will know what to do with the panel on the left of the wall.

Anonymous said...

The magnified code is a number, but it's upside down.

Where did you get the mould from???

Anonymous said...

Is there a second pole somewhere else that I need to find? I must have clicked every pixel already...

Anonymous said...

sussed it!!!yay!

Mary said...

There is no second pole, you have to modify the pole you have. (Hint: water is useful)

Anonymous said...

Doh! Sussed it - seems so obvious now! The fridge is open...

Anonymous said...

got the mould from inside the fridge, the key is above the red water valve. Use the pole when its extended to get the key! need the freezer to do this!

Anonymous said...


thesmothete said...


Get vase from on top of table.
Get pole from underneath table.
Remove plants from vase.
Read what's on the bulletin board.
Note unreadable code on decorated tile above table.
Remove loose tile next to refrigerator with pole.
Use loose tile to hold up one handle of door mechanism.
Push the other door handle. Door opens.
Note width of pipe sections on vertical pipe with valve.
Attempt to dislodge key above valve with pipe.
Repeat pattern of width of pipe sections on control panel to the right of the fountain.
Collect floating board from fountain.
Dip pole in fountain to fill with water.
Collect clay from board
put clay on the end of the pipe.
Put pipe in freezer.
Remove pole from freezer.
Extend pole with ice inside.
Obtain key with extended pole.
Fill vase with water.
Put filled vase in front of code on decorated tile. Code is upside down.
Type code into control panel to the left of fountain.
Open control panel.
Fill mold with water.
Put mold into freezer. Remove mold from freezer. Remove ice disk from mold.
Put ice disk into opened control panel.
Put clay into mold, fill mold with water, put mold into freezer, remove mold from freezer, obtain ice ring.
Put ice ring into opened control panel.
Examine alcoves and how much water must be placed in each.
Get Jerrycan, retrieve vase. Refer to notice on bulletin board. Use Jerrycan to fill vase with appropriate amount for each alcove and place vase in alcove.
(There is a method to putting the right amount of water in the vase, but if you cannot figure this out on your own, you have no business playing escape games.)
When vase is placed in each alcove with the proper weight of water, a piece of card will float up. Get them.
Put two halves of card together.
Put card into slot on panel to the right of fountain.
Room fills with water.
Access ladder in ceiling.

Rob said...

took me some thinking but finally...
(cars was difficult!)

midge said...

Hey Keeper, how about a little hint here beside "use the pole on a loose tile", can you help us out a little more, like opening the water?

midge said...

Thank you thesmothete for the walkthrough.

Chivid said...

@ thesmothete:

"Open control panel.
Fill mold with water."

What mold?

DarthMom said...

took me FOREVER to find out where to put the card.

thesmothete said...

Chivid, I left out a step: once you get the key, use it to open the refrigerator and get the mold.

Weirdo said...

"...if you cannot figure this out on your own, you have no business playing escape games."

Yet the guy spoon-feeds you every other step of the puzzle.

Anonymous said...

how do you get the water running??

Toyota=#1 said...

thesmothete: Please help;I can't put the water in the mold. What's wrong?

Anonymous said...

help i need water

Anonymous said...

The squares on the little panel...
What the heck do I do with THAT????

Anonymous said...

Great game!
A little hard, but I made it!
It's cool using the water as a tool to eascape! This is the first escape game envolving water! Ever!

tam said...

I used some help from your comments, so thank you all!


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