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March 19, 2009

save the totem village

Federico Rutenberg continues the point and click totem series with save the totem village.


Anonymous said...

ooo... i hate myself for doing this, but first!!!

ma said...

ok things are a bit frustrating and strange here
first you change your totems with "a,s,d" and you need them all
and second when you think your are nearly done but can't do some sort of proper timing, maybe some mousegrabing will do....
have fun

Omochao said...

finnished it (with ALOT of help from comments on other sites). i think its decent, but it really isnt fun at all and most of the puzzles are just trial and error. google 'save the totem village walkthrough' and look through peoples comments to find tips.

Rob said...

made in in 5 minutes...

Nice game!
Took some thinking...

Chivid said...

well, I got the wheel on the weapon.
I pushed over the totem pole.
and I know the red one can lift it.

What's next?

Chivid said...

are you supposed to be able to retrieve the log after you push the totem forward?

Anonymous said...

after you have pushed the totem forward, you need to position the red guy where he can lift it, and the white guy next to the log. So when the red guy lifts it, and you press action on the white guy (while standing next to the log), the log magically appears underneath the totem again.

Chivid said...

Wow.. that was really..

Anonymous said...

ok how the hell are you supposed to change totems it just comes up with a yellow arrow thing when you press a s or d and no matter what i do i cnt change them

Anonymous said...

I just got the weapon and the wheel, but I can't push over the totem. Please give me some hints. I've been stuck with this problem.

Anonymous said...

xD okay, here is the (first) complete walkthrough for all those who are stuck ^^

Don't read further if you want to do it yourself ;D

1)Take the log
2)Totem [S]: knock at the window
Totem [A]: put the Broom into the
window as long as it's opened
Totem [S]: take window and
3)Totem [A]: go to woodpecker and
make it pick a hole into
window: you get the missing wheel
4)Totem [A]: add the missing wheel
to the weapon, take the rope
that appears on its right
5)Totems [A] and [D]: Push the
Totem [S]: While A and D are
pushing, take hammer and make
totem fall.
6)Totem [S]: Lift totem
Totem [A]: Put log under totem
Totem [S]: Push totem forward
7)Totem [A]: Take rope and use it
on totem
Totem [S]: Pull the rope and
push weapon to the right
8)Totem [S]: make the weapon hit
the ugly guy xD (take hammer and

Anonymous said...

a little confusing...and kinda lame...

Anonymous said...

they need to make switching between characters easier...

matt w said...

Gee, it looks like the game ends with the WORST TIMING PUZZLE EVER. I have no idea how to synchronize my space bar hits so the totem swings far enough to beat the guy, and I honestly don't care.

Point and click game designers: Why do you put stupid timing puzzles in your games? They're terrible as minigames -- would you play a game that just consisted of hitting a space bar at precise intervals? They take you out of the point and click idea (not that this was very intuitive anyway). And if they aren't forgiving they're incredibly frustrating. You know how to do the solution but you can't do it because your timing isn't as precise as the game designer demands; and you may be stuck because you think there's a real solution that doesn't depend purely on clicking the button/spacebar at the right time. Just stick with the point and click style.

Federico has a lot of good ideas and I've enjoyed some of his games (like the last one posted) but this is pure frustration.

(The worst offenders here are Haluz 2, which has a puzzle which literally consists of clicking at a precise moment and waiting 30 seconds for your next chance, and Pokku's Friend which had this long beautiful buildup and then came down to "click the mouse at exactly the right time, now do it twice in a row, now do it three times," except I don't think it was even possible to get it the second time on my browser. Utterly ruined the game. At least with this game I didn't particularly care that I couldn't finish.)

Anonymous said...

giant viking dude never saw that coming


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