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March 22, 2009

hansel and gretel

Minoto's point and click game for this week is here: Hansel and Gretel.


Miss Piggy said...


Anonymous said...


Zenrage said...

Minoto seems to do his best work when bases his games off a fairy tale

Anonymous said...

Though is it a good idea to lead Hansel and Gretel *to* the gingerbread house?

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice game, but stuck at the brigde.
i have a gnome, but wouldnt fix the bridge for me. lol

Coffeeteamix said...

@ Anonymous: help the duck =)

Anonymous said...

These games are mad, and I love them!

Anonymous said...

Too easy!

Zenrage said...


Pick up Torch. Go right.

Pick up bread. Use torch on candle. Pick up dwarf. Go right.

Use dwarf on trees. Pick up egg. Use stick on egg. Go right.

Pick up meat. Go left.

Use meat on dog. Pick up flag. Go left twice.

Use bread on bird. Pick up money. Use money on goat. Pick up ore (yuk). Use flag on ore. Click on Hansel and Gretel. Go right.

Click on Hansel and Gretel (bridge gives out). Use duckling on duck. Click on Hansel and Gretel. Go right.

Click on Hansel and Gretel. Go right.

Use diamond on bird. Use stick on woman. Click on Hansel and Gretel. End.

Anonymous said...

hahah, so cute!

Miss Piggy said...

is it just me or are they getting too easy?

also, play the old ones - they have new endings now!

Zenrage said...

I think they get easier because after a few games like this you start to understand Minoto's odd sense of logic.

Anonymous said...

do you use items on eachother?


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