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January 08, 2008

job pico

Job Pico is the latest escape the room game by Gotmail. This time you're trying to escape the room as part of a new job recruitment, that new job being internet escape game developer.


Anonymous said...

I'm stuck. But to this point I like it.
Does the Slotmachinegame have any affect to the game? Besides showing a different screen nothing has happend.
Just don't know what to do or find in the jacuzzi. Got the helicopter on its place.
Still got the bath towel, the cell phone and the memory card.

Nobody said...

Defenetly the easiest one of the gotmail games!
First time that I solved one of them without any help!
Needed only 40 minutes!

Rob said...

Got the helicopter on its place

headache said...

if you have a pop up blocker, disable before playing, for almost all pico games, there is a tough part that you get a pop up as a reward.

Anonymous said...

aaaarghh, i`m going crazy! clicked everywhere but totally stuck....where is the helicopter?

Anonymous said...

Got the hellicopter but cant find the battery...

First Comment Writer said...

I think you can load the battery at the computer. At least thats what I did.
You can find the helicopter in the middle of the table where the chairs are. It will open and you have to solve a puzzle. It will open again and there you have the helicopter.

@ nobody: Any help what I'm suposed to do with the rest of the items?

truus said...

I'm totally stuck, placed the chopper, still got the towel and the phone with the memory car inserted, played the game on the machine, see 2 numbers (2,1) with the binoculars....but now what???
hint, anyone?

nozem said...

Here's the complete jobpico walkthrough:

Open the yellow cupboards in front of you and get the bath towel.
Go Left to a door that looks like metal grill, near the bottom left of the door get the hose.
Go to the wall panel to the left of the door and turn the heating for the roof all the way on.
Go through the door and all the way up to the statue.
Look behind the statue, open the panel and connect the hose and switch on the hose.
Go back to the main room, go to the left of the big circular metal thing and look at the lamp, get the propeller.
Go through the door and look at the icicle. Go back into the main room, then back out.
Turn on the heating for the road on the panel that was behind the icicle, get the gold coin from the bottom of the icicle.
Go left and walk across the road, go back inside, go back outside and across the road, get the silver coin from the ground.
Go back inside and left until you get to the telescope, get the USB cable, insert the gold coin.
Click the eyelenses and zoom in (hold mouse button). Search the picture for 2 numbers and note them down.
Go left to the yellow table and red chairs. Look between the right two blue stands and get the memory card.
Look on the chair for the phone.
Move the table cloth and lift up the centre section to reveal the blue safe.
Zoom in and complete the slide puzzle.
You have to click on the sliding puzzle (once completed) and have it pop up the new window with the password (Got job).
Enter this password and hit enter.
Click out until you can't read the puzzle and open the safe, get the chopper.
Go left to the laptop and plug in the usb cable, attach the propeller to the chopper and plug it into the USB cable.
Go to the arcade game and put in the silver coin, play the game:
minigame :Go to the locker in the north corner and get the broom, clean under the desks until you get the USB disk,
use the USB disk on the computer, get the mug, use the mug on the fridge, use the mug on the kettle to get the key,
use the key on the door.
Go back to the laptop and get the charged chopper.
Load the memory card into the mobile.
Take the Chopper into the jacuzzi room and put it on the H between the two chairs, use the remote on the chopper, click the coin.
Use the towel on the water to the left and get the pierced coin.
Go back to the telescope and use the pierced coin on it.
Use the telescope on the middle setting and find again 2 numbers.
Go to the yellow closet nearest the jacuzzi room and use the 4 digit code from the telescope on it.
Get the red mould from the closet.
Go outside and place the mould on the ground under the icicle after switching the heat off.
Zoom all the way out and back in. The mould should be filled.
Turn on the heaters and collect the frozen mould.
Get the frozen key from the mould, go to the locked door and use the frozen key on the implint above the handle.
You're out!

Nobody said...

Well, then my help isn't needed anymore... ;-)

smokeydokee said...

In order to find the silver coin you must heat the road then go back inside and come back out. The switch for heating the road is right outside the your right on the wall.


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