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January 02, 2008

jayisgames flash game design competition #5

Jayisgames just announced the flash game design competition #5 with the theme this time being 'upgrade'. Well since I've been participating to all 4 jayisgames competitions so far, I can't suppress the urge to start brainstorming for a competition entry :) Suggestions are always welcome :)


Anonymous said...

By upgrade, do they mean a game like the Grow series? If you don't know what those games are, use a search engine on Grow rpg.

Anonymous said...

i live in chicagonand o'hare ALWAYS has flight delays...what about a game that deals with trying to upgrade your ticket to first class? oooo like it could be like a "grow" game and if you do everything right (i.e., you could have to pick the right line to wait in to drop your luggage off...then you could have to tip the right secruity guard to go through faster) get the point. just a very random idea...

Anonymous said...

OH and it'd have to be a flight from the frigid Chicago to some tropical island...(the wind chill was -14 this morning when i left for work!!) YIKES!!!

Anonymous said... more thing...if you don't pick everything right in my "upgrade flight game" end up getting sent by accident to Omaha via economy class with no pillow or blanket (the 1st class folks got them all) free alcohol...only a bag of peanuts.

when you arrive...they lose your luggage.

UGH...that would totally suck!!!!

Bart said...

Thanks for those fine suggestions :)
I find the subject very though this time, it's so open to interpretation ...


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