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January 15, 2008

escapers #03

Escapers #03 brings us more escape the room entertainment, in Japanese, but just like escapers #02 you don't need any Japanese to open that door.


Anonymous said...

yeah done it! it's quite easy, im surprised about myself to get out all alone!! woho!!! enjoy this game!

Anonymous said...

How should I know what these items are ? :S:S:S All in japanese :S

Anonymous said...

ok i stuck, got pin, pen paper with circles and matchbox found safe but have no idea for the code, someone gives a little hint plz

Anonymous said...

ah and a strange brown thing, the first item

Anonymous said...

oright iam out, nevermind ^^

Anonymous said...

Where is the matchbox?

Anonymous said...

the matchbox is in the locked drawer. have you found the key for it yet?

(If not, check the coloured balls in the vase.......)

Anonymous said...

wheres the safe?

Unknown said...

I Found a Key that was inside the yellow ball in the vase.
A Candle on the right side of the drawer.
a matchbox on the second drawer.
A black disc which i dont know what it is b/c i can't read japanese.
And a piece of paper with circles on it under the pillows.
I found the safe on the 2nd door on the left with white wall paper covering it?
Now I am stuck Where is the Pin you guys talked about? and what is the black disc?
why cant i open the other closet doors? what are those 4 black dots on the wooden board?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ted, the black disc is a candleholder.

Check the chest of drawers again, to the right, between the wall and the chest, as well check the wall to the left of the chest, if you click around you should find a hidden door, where you find a very useful and needed item!
Hope this helps.... C

Rocio said...

Behind the secret door at the left of the drawers you will find a stool, put it below the upper sliding closet doors. You will get a table. Put the table on the black rug space in the closet, then put the black thing (candelier), put the candle in the middle and then use the matches to light it. You will see some characters, click the paper with 3 circles and put it over those characters, it will give you a number. Go to the safe box in the wall, put the numbers given and then use the key. Safe will open and give you a color code. Go to the base with candies. Click on the candies folowing the numbers and colors given. A lader will appear, click on it and you are out.

4tje said...

So you need 2 keys right? One for the drawer and one for the safe. Got one from the yellow ball, but where can I find the other one?

Anonymous said...

Where is the key to open the safe?

jorgo said...

the key is in the yellow ball u find enlargen it and klick on it
if finischt it XD

Anonymous said...


The second key (the safe key) is hanging from the ceiling above the small left sliding door.

Anonymous said...

Very good game. I had trouble finding the candle and the stool, but once I had them it was game over. :o)

Anonymous said...

Got it! But I'm gonna be like everybody else here.

Not gonna tell!!!!


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