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July 08, 2010

fragger bonus blast

10 more levels of fun, physics-based, light puzzle goodness, it's fragger bonus blast.


Mantaraya said...
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NotMarian said...

Awesome! I love Fragger (although it is kind of sick). I play the first version just as a mindless waste of time. Finally a new mindless waste of time. I'm bummed, though, that I can't get the "more fragger" that is available as an Ap on phones. I don't have that kind of phone.

Anonymous said...

I didn't enjoy this one. It reminded me way to much of that "Soccer Balls" game that was posted a few weeks ago. Both games are way to difficult and the grapics are not all that great.

NotMarian said...

I found it to be pretty easy. But, then again, I've played the original Fragger dozens of times.

Carly said...

I didn't play the oroginal a dozen times, but this was way to easy to be any fun. I had all ten levels down in less than five minutes. No challenge whatsoever. :(


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