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July 17, 2010


Dharma-doll is the latest escape the room game by Petithima, so bring on your point and click skills.


madzy said...


Anonymous said...

second i´m out but i miss the code F=2 SxOxD (perhaps the matches)

Zizibo said...

I tried 15x11x26 but no luck...

Fran said...

This is the answer to the code SxOxD, so if you don´t wanna know it don´t continue reading XD
(sorry about my english)

That code is about the months of the year.
February = 2
September = 9
October = 10
December = 12
So the code is 1080

Zizibo said...

And out. Did find the clue for SxOxD (think calander). Nice escape game.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out what to do with the water and cup, and the jar of gumballs. There must be an item I'm missing. (what goes in the last slot?)

Anonymous said...

↑Use the electric jug in another room...(Don't forget to bring the code). That candy pot is just bait.

YAY said...

i like him/her games are fun and easy to win

madzy said...

??????? I need help I have ba cookie a cup nive a clueless code and I don't know how to find the last item from the picture?

Someone(haha) said...

hmmmm wierd I was only on for about two muinutes before leaving outta frustration. not my favourite game in the galactic ..... something..... ':-&

Anonymous said...

cod to metall box???

Me/You said...

Soooooooooooo good and cool and relaxing! I just love monday when I play this kind of games!

Anonymous said...

I love these games, just hard enough to make you think, but not too hard so that you can't figure it out. Hints like the calendar on the wall, and piggies with signs in their right or left hands. A cord that can be used more than once. Nice series of games. I hope they keep coming.

Anonymous said...

how do i get into the closet(?) door?

Anonymous said...

help! i know the "code" to the cup, and the rock, but i don't know what to to with the spiral thing. I also can't figure out the safe. I also have matches and half a key in my dock. please help someone!

Anonymous said...

ok, now i just have glue, half a key and the cord. I still haven't figured out the safe. Please, if you have figured this out, help me!

Anonymous said...

nevermind, i figured it out.

Anonymous said...

the safe code is five right seven left six right

mrs olaf said...

More help needed! If you work out how to do something please give us a hint at least rather than just saying you've done it!! Walkthrough anyone???

Anonymous said...

I must be dumb because I can NEVER get these puzzles without a complete walkthrough.

Anonymous said...


First view - Click on right chair seat to retrieve cable.
Note lock box with three symbol code on left chair.
Retrieve cutter from small cupboard.
Note lock box with 3 digit code in cupboard.
Retrieve newspaper from front door, remove small paper from it. Note code in same color as digit code lock box. If 2:00 = 60, then determine the sum of the value for the other times. This opens the 3 digit code lock box; retrieve ink.
Before you turn, note the two paintings on the wall for clues to future activities. Enjoy the smooth jazz.
Click down for opposite view.
Use cable to get power to TV. Note screen shot of cutter slicing into an easy chair.
Note piggies with numbered signs in their left and/or right hands (hooves).
Pick up glass (it's like the one on the picture!) from center table.
Pick up wrapped cookie from table. Note symbol on its back. Note piggy bank on table (it's like the one on the picture!)
Note hot spot on egg figurine. Hmmmmm.
Note three digit color coded lock box next to door.
Note safe...which needs a direction/number code. Think about piggies holding numbers in their left/right hands (hooves). That gives you the code for the safe. Get key half.
Return to first view.
Use cutter on chair. Get paintbrush. Use paintbrush on ink.
Go back and use paintbrush on egg figurine (twice). Get door code. (3 = number of angles/points on a triangle...the rest is elementary.)
Open door to closet/room.
Open yellow drawer, get other key half. Use cutter to open box; get incense coil.
Note electric outlet (need to go back and get the electric cord from the TV.) Use cord on outet. Get water bottle from top of shelves. Use on coffee pot. You must leave the room and come back, or this next step won't work. Use cup on coffee pot, and note symbol that appears. If it doesn't appear, you can always drink the water and try again. (Love that gulp noise.)

Move clothes to reveal code. Note calendar which gives you a clue to the code. Think numeric equivalents for the months. Use code to open four digit box. Get matches. Use matches on incense coil.

Return to room and put coil in piggy bank. Symbol will be revealed. This reveals the last of the three symbols, so you can now open the lock box, according to the order given in the painting. Get glue. Use on key halves. Use key on door. Exit!

Fun and easy.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the music, but I can't seem to find piano sheet music for it anywhere! can somebody help me please?


If you are you looking for a solution or a walkthrough for one of the game links, please have a look in the comments. Cheers!