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May 07, 2010

give up, robot

Robot, would you please give the grappling a rest? Give up, robot!


First said...


horsesrock said...

can't get past number 8 somebody HELP ME!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Level 8 you just have to have the right length not to long, not to short and then time it to where you'll catapult towards the bottom right corner. I think it helps to hold the right arrow key while in flight.

Anonymous said...

Played up to level 28

Christian said...

got stuck at 28. Then got bored.

Kept me interested for 27 levels, which is good.

Joelle said...

Ok, I got stuck at forty one. Fifteen minutes of one level? I'm done.

Zuma Ezra said...


I actually beat the ENTIRE thing!


theres 50 levels, and the last one was definitely the hardest.

about the game: really great, i like the style, the music is great, and i LOVE all the different versions of the "give up robot" thing. it only got repetitive around level 42 or so, which i think is a huge accomplishment for a death-triggered sound effect.

the gameplay was really good, really intuitive to use after a few levels. the levels are a good balance of skill and just simply figuring out what to do . . . although by the end skill is definitely the bigger part of the game.

the difficulty curve was very nice, and obviously by levels 40-50 was pretty much impossible. level 42 was really hard, and i think level 47, as well as 50 of course.

for some reason i didn't stop playing this game . . . which is an accomplishment because most games get boring very fast when they are so difficult.

the level design was really great because there were few levels that looked like any other and there were many elements in play

this is probably one of my favorite games ever, not just because i won (although obviously thats a big part) but because it was very very well done in all areas.

Banana Rox said...

Wow. That was some game. I completed lvl 30 but that was it for me. But, unlike other games, although I had to do some levels MANY times over (such as lvl 29!), I kept wanting to play, unlike other games where I usually quit. 30 levels was enough for me, though, thank you! Good game =)

Alex said...

n1c one

Fitz said...

28 for me.

That one is just way too hard.

Fun game.

horrorshow said...

Yeah, I finally made it through the game. I "only" died 455 times ;-)

I really love games like this, that are not too easy

horrorshow said...

@ Zuma Ezra

You made it through the game and think Lvl. 50 was the hardest? Then I guess you only finished the "Normal-Mode" of the Game. Try the "Hard-Mode"... These levels are really really evil :D

I just finished the first 3 hard levels & need a break now

JAYPEE said...

WOW, made to Hard 5..... I'm DONE! Doggone game! :)

Anonymous said...

How do you beat level 14?

Zuma Ezra said...

lol yeah i was just talking about normal mode . . . i think i got to level 4 or 5 in hard before giving up

Sean said...

SPOILER just beat hard mode... i think i have carpal tunnel. hard 6 and hard 7 are definitely the most challenging and by the time you're done with them, level 9 (which involves swinging through the level constantly like tarzan) is actually pretty easy. i got it on my 3rd try... which was just plain weird since every other level in hard mode requires 50+ tries. there are a total of 11 hard levels. i think my favorite level was hard 10. if you ever make it there, you'll see why.

JAYPEE said...

@Sean- No thanks bro.... lol, the colors started playing tricks with my eyes and my knuckles STILL hurt!

What a torturous game!

horsesrock said...

now i'm stuck on 22!! help me please!!!

Anonymous said...

ahh how can i beat 42? its soo hard

Sean said...

42 is pretty hard but the hardest part is right at the end you have to jump over the little lip while not hitting the roof and making sure to stop before the wall, turn around and jump onto the platform before the elevator starts going back down. Also at the bottom right corner you have to briefly grab the roof with your grapple so that the floor doesn't kill you while the elevator dips below it briefly. Definitely a frustrating level if you don't have great reflexes or focus.

Playerette said...

I just beat my personal record and finished the game (only normal mode) with only 21 deaths in just under nine minutes.

Exercising really helps winning this game!

Hard mode is excruciating, I don't think I will soon be able to beat Hard 6.

Kudos to those who actually beat the whole game!!!


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