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July 04, 2024

yoohoo [browser]

Use your voice to solve the 9 levels of the puzzlescript puzzler Yoohoo, created by Competor for Thinky Puzzle Game Jam 4. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Stevens Miller said...

Once again, I have no idea how to do this one.

Anonymous said...

Stevens Miller, it's sokoban block-pushing. The blocks that will drop to fill the gaps between platforms. X sends a wave in the direction you're facing, which will push any block in its path until it hits something else. You have to get blocks on all the box spaces marked with squares, then move to the space marked X.

Stevens Miller said...

@Anonymous, thanks. I know some people love games where the first part is to figure out the mechanics. I'm not one of them. But now that you've explained it, I can play it.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! I don't mind figuring out the mechanics, but the game designer needs to meet me halfway. I know there's time pressure in a jam, but it wouldn't take that long to add a couple of easier starter levels.

Bill said...

Wow this is hard. I'm on level 3, figured out the ricochet mechanic, was able to push the right block up and the others around a bit...but still stuck. Can't figure out how to patch the hole that blocks me from getting to the "X".

Bill said...

Oops. Of course, I post, then immediately figure it out. Never mind. Still a hard game though!

Anonymous said...

Could you give me a hint for 3? I'm stuck on that one too.

Anonymous said...

Never Mind!

Anonymous said...

These are hard! Any help with number 4?

Long Time Bart Fan said...

Yes help with 4 please!!!

benji said...

challenging but rewarding i think. here's my not-so-subtle hints for #4:

- both your body and boxes are considered when determining if something is a corner
- you can't send yourself to the top island without also sending a signal along the 2nd row. so you have to be on the top island before the box that goes on the target arrives there. how can you send a box up when you yourself are on the top island?
- your body can be used as a backstop

Long Peter said...

LVL 8:

Step 1: Shoot one block to the top corner to act as a landing place in the last step of solving the level.

Step 2: use the other 2 blocks to get to the next island.

Anonymous said...

level 6 has me stumped
any hint?

Long Peter said...

LVL 6:

Hint 1: Shoot Left, so the player is looking left. let the bullet go around and push the player down while it is looking Left.

Hint 2: Use a block to turn the bullet at the top from left to down.
This block will fall after turning the bullet:


1: Release left block by shooting it via the corners to the right block

2: Shoot the left block up.
3: Shoot via the corners the left block in to the left up corner.

4: Free the right block:
Shoot up. It turns right against the left block in the corner. It goes al the way round till it hits the right block. Stop the block with your body.

5: Place / shoot the block to the most left position of the top right island.

6: Aim Left and let the bullet go all around.

Anonymous said...

Stuck on 5. I think I understand what I have to do, I just can't get the blocks to where I need them. Any help?

Anonymous said...

Level 5 hint (rot13): gur orfg jnl gb zbir gur oybpxf gb jurer lbh arrq gurz vf gb fubbg gurz vagb bar nabgure. Gur jnyy ng gur gbc yrsg vf hfrq gb fubbg lbhefrys npebff gur tnc juvyr zbivat oybpxf, ohg vg'f abg hfrq nf cneg bs gur svany fubg gung cebcryf lbh gb gur svavfu.

Anonymous said...

I'm still suck on level 8. No idea how to get myself to the lower half, or to the very top for the last step.

Anonymous said...

also stuck on 8

FredPoup said...

LVL 8: (excuse my english)

- project one block up to the top left corner (on the "X line")

- place the 2 others blocks on the left, next to each others, on the lowest line of their island

- move Pinkman at the top left of this same island and blows up : the block behind him moves up against him ; the wind goes all the other way, projecting Pinkman and the block to the bottom left corner.

- place the 2 blocks L&R where they need to go

- blow the 3rd block up in the empty space next to the X

- find the final moves ;)

Anonymous said...

Amazing, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Any hints for level 9? I can get blocks on both both squares, but then can't figure out how to shoot myself over to the X.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone solve level 9 (the version after the updates)?


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