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July 10, 2024

dive into those moonlit pools [browser]

A cliff diving boulder-pushing puzzle: unblock your path to the diving board without blocking off the rivers that feed those pools in the puzzler Dive into Those Moonlit Pools by ELAiNE, another creation for the 'Extreme Sports' themed Thinky Puzzle Game Jam 4. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart)


Kaden Vanciel said...

Gotten past some of the first few levels. Couldn't really solve Level 4.

Anonymous said...

Very nice visuals and interesting puzles in this game : ) I'm currently a bit stuck on level 7

Toldo said...

Dear Bart,
long time follower, first time commenter.
I am not really into the gaming world, don't own a consolle, but enjoy my light web-based game every now and then for my dopamine boost. I have followed and appreciated your curated selection of games for years, which allowed me to discover great creators such as Rusty Lake or Amanita Design; and I am a big fan of your own creations as well - kudos on Purple btw, great work.
I am writing now to both express my gratitude and appreciation, which was probably overdue after so many years, but also to express my frustration with recent developments, and ask some questions that are pressing me.
Premise: I am not a big boulder-pushing guy. I get its charme in theory, but after a while they all look like the same game to me, only with (sometimes just slightly) different graphics.
Hence my frustration, as it seems to me that lately 4 out of 5 posts are a game of blocks pushing.
And hence my questions: what happened? Has the offer of online games shrunk so much from the golden days of flash-based entertainment, that you are left with only few puzzlescript options to pick from, and the casual room escape every couple months? Or maybe you have been (rightfully) allocating your time differently lately, and have less time to dig out the little gems to which you have accustomed us in the past? Not trying to clock you! You have done a lot through the years and it would be just fair if you felt like spending more time doing anything else. I am just curious to understand what is happening - or if it's just a matter of perception on my part, can't rule this out either.
Anyway, thanks in advance for any answer you could give me, and once again for all you have done and keep doing.

Squirrel said...

I really liked this one. The concept and mechanics were easy to work out. It was challenging without being frustrating for me. Thank you for posting it.

Bart said...

@Toldo Thanks for your feedback, I understand the type of games you prefer and I would love to post more of those point and click type games that dominated this blog in the Flash days, but there simply aren't that many quality web games in that genre coming out. Luckily that is compensated by more quality puzzlescript puzzlers. I'm searching as hard as before for interesting web games ;) so when a good point and click game is released you will certainly find it here :)

Toldo said...

I always do : ) thanks Bart!

Zarunias said...

Then I would like to bring neat escape (formerly known as mild escape) back on your radar.
I couldn't find the dates of the latest releases but it seems that there are still new games every now and then. I just played the last 2 of them and I don't have the feeling that I played them ever before (of course I err).

Anonymous said... will keep me happy for a while thanks!
(don't just enter the code, press the button too.)

Anonymous said...

Very nice game!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this one.
Steady increase in difficulty without becoming frustrating. and short enough that it didn't become boring.

Kaden Vanciel said...

Dunno when the walkthroughs are coming along since I'm stumped for the final three levels.

Anonymous said...

I feel like nobody makes walkthroughs anymore!

Bill said...

Really liked this one.

Anonymous said...

Regarding topic:
I have tried to play several of these games now.
I might have finished 1.
Maybe it is culturally different from what I am expecting.
Sorry for posting off topic, don't know where else to get help.

Anonymous said...

Dude the neat escape games have walkthrough vids below them.


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