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January 09, 2023

squirrelativity [browser]

Two rival groups of squirrels are stocking up for the winter. Each group can only eat a certain type of fruit, but the tree that produces the kind of fruit they like is in their rivals' territory: Squirrelativity, a puzzle game by Cassowary created for the 'harvest' themed Ludum Dare 52 game jam. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Are there some unexplained rules here?
I keep finding solutions that don't work.

caja said...

Trees can only branch away from their starting point (i.e. branches from the top tree must always point down and branches from the bottom tree must always point up.)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the secret ending.
Is that even possible?

Anonymous said...

caja, thank you for the explanation, I needed it! :-) I was so frustrated why I cannot grow the tree in some direction

Nice little game!

Anonymous said...

a sweet game and excellent mechanic :)

Anonymous said...

Nice fun game!

Anonymous said...

I give up!
Have been trying to solve lvl 5 for over an hour now and still have not found the solution. Can only think of 1 solution but this doesn't work if branches from the top can only go down.
Although first levels were promising, it's rather disappointing now!
A walkthrough or "hint"-button would be very useful!

Kiel B said...

@Anon on lvl 5 - Think carefully about which direction each fruit can grow from each tree. I find it useful to plan my access routes to the fruit first, before I plan how the branches will reach the seeds. That helps me pick which tree takes the seed, and which tree must get to the fruit. You know that if the red tree touches both of the left seeds, blue can't reach the fruits that are produced because they'll be blocked in. And if the blue tree touches both the fruits, the red tree can't reach them because the top barrier prevents the red tree from moving SW in a high enough row. So immediately, you know one tree must touch one seed, and the other tree must touch the other.

It should be intuitive from here which seed red will take and how blue can access that fruit, and vice versa. Then repeat the process for the right-side seeds. If you're still having trouble: [SPOILER]XdXrXaXw XbXlXuXe XaXlXl XtXhXe XwXaXy XtXo XtXhXe XtXoXp XsXtXaXyXiXnXg XaXs XfXaXr XlXeXfXt XaXs XpXoXsXsXiXbXlXe

Gamerland said...

A fun little game. Here are the solutions for all levels:
Walkthrough for Squirrelativity

Anonymous said...

Pretty easy and cute

I knew they were related!


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