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January 26, 2023

blockins [browser]

Different shaped blocks need to help each other to let one of them reach the exit in each level of the latest puzzle platformer by Robert Alvarez: Blockins.


Anonymous said...

I liked it, but it felt a bit too slippery in the early levels. The later levels were fine, but I found myself having to restart the level a lot in the beginning.

a12r13 said...

Easy and Nice one - quite similar to some previous games from the same author

Anonymous said...

Alvarez has been hit or miss lately. This is a hit! Great game.

メグ said...

Love it! Hate the Poki platform, though. I really don't mind ads, but every other level feels excessive.

Anonymous said...

Finally clicking the start button starts the game! Nice game though.

Stevens Miller said...

Robert Alvarez creates excellent games. This one isn't bad, but it's not one of his best.

Anonymous said...

You can jump with one block, then switch to another block and move it while the jump finishes. I had to use this to complete one puzzle -- which always makes me wonder if that was the intended way to solve it.

Anonymous said...

It was never necessary to run under a falling block.
The "-" is reusable unlike the "+".

Anonymous said...

I love this! Every time finished a level I had a huge smile on my face.
Sometimes I find Rob's games a tad on the tricky side, but for some reason I managed to get the logic with this.


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