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January 14, 2023

confusion conveyed [browser]

Use conveyor belts to solve increasingly complex puzzles in the open world expansion to last year's collaborative puzzlescript puzzler Conveyor Con-fusion: the puzzlescript puzzler Confusion Conveyed by Steven Miller.


Anonymous said...

Well I must be even more stupid than when I played the first game.
I can't get any of this.
Are those people ?
Am I supposed to kill them?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I struggled too, I don't think they had the easier intro levels like the first one.

Frobisher said...

This is a new batch of levels, all by Steven Miller, who's made a bunch of very good solo puzzle games. With that said, it builds on Conveyor Confusion by looking at some of the edge case mechanics, developed into levels that often have several stings in the tail even once you've figured out what you need to do.

I've been inching my way through a level at a time for a couple of weeks now and happy to offer some hints -- and hopefully received some! -- if anyone else is working their way through the game as well.

There are no easy levels, even the two levels that recap the core mechanics of the previous game. And in some senses, these would work best as an optional bonus world tagged on to the end of the original game, so that people coming to them were prepped for the difficulty. But the game is ingeniously built so that you can, generally, tackle five puzzles at a time and you only need to solve three of them to progress to the next tranche of puzzles.

It's very, very rewarding if you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and think very hard!

Meblin said...

@Frobisher I seem to be stuck by all of the following:

Recap A
Recap B
All the wings of station A

I think Io know the concepts of most but cannot seem to work them out.

I cannot remember what does the purple block does either

Molimo said...


the purple on top of a conveyor block is a kind of goo, it causes items on top of it to stay stuck to it when you push the bottom block instead of staying in place and sliding off like usual. the big purple tank can be blown up with a red barrel which will cause the purple goo to go onto of nearby blocks.

also reminder that if two pistons push two blocks into one space at the same time, the two blocks become one

hope this helps

I am currently stuck on "Anchor" and "Under Construction"
I know what to do for "Under Construction" just not quite how yet,
but I'm lost as to what the solved puzzle should look like for "Anchor"
I know that when a diagonal conveyor pushes a block diagonally, it also pushes away things that are next to it on the two sides

Frobisher said...


Anchor was one I got stuck on too, mostly because I couldn't be sure of the mechanic approach. I eventually went as far as to edit a version of the level into the original game so I could check if my solution worked!


Hint 1:
Lbh pna jnyx ba n qvntbany oybpx jvgubhg orvat fuvsgrq vs lbhe qvntbany cngu vf oybpxrq

Hint 2 (what you're trying to do):
Hfr gur gjb yrsg oybpxf gb perngr n oybpxrq qvntbany cngu ba gur ybjre Grgevf funcrq envfrq cyngsbez fb gung n evtugre-qvntbany-rzcgl frdhrapr bs oybpxf pna or hfrq gb genirefr gur tnc orgjrra gur ynqqre oybpx naq gur rkvg

Hint 3 (how to do it): Vs lbh pna trg n yrsgre ba gb gur fvatyr ynqqre cyngsbez lbh pna chfu vg ba gb gur oybpxf ng lbhe qvfcbfny fb vg raqf hc ba gur Grgevf-funcrq envfrq cyngsbez. Ubjrire, lbh unir gb ergevrir gur yrsgre ba gur yrsg svefg, nf vg erdhverf gur hfr bs gur evtugre gb or cbfvgvbarq ba gur cyngsbez, naq lbh jvyy gura arrq gb fnpevsvpr gur evtugre gb trg vg ba gb gur Grgevf-funcrq envfrq cyngsbez.

Under Construction
(I think you'll probably figure this one out if you keep at it)

Solution steps
1. Hfr Evtugre gb chg gur qbja oybpx ba gbc bs gur oneery

2. Hfr Hccref gb trg gur ryringrq qbja oybpx nebhaq gur qbja abgpu nybat gur gbc jnyy

3. Use the barrel to make a hole you can use to retrieve the righter (need to use one of the uppers to pull this off)

Frobisher said...

I should add that the mechanic you've observed in Anchor is not part of the solution for that level. The thing that unlocked the solution for me was to think about how to use all of the level. As a bunch of the initial approaches I tried weren't doing anything with the lower part of the level.

Molimo said...

thank you so much for the assistance with "Anchor", although I did use that mechanic a little bit.

I'm still having some trouble with "Under Construction", I've gotten closer I think, but are you sure I should use the Righter to put the Downer onto the Barrel? it makes more sense to me to put the barrel against the left wall, not the Righter...

I'm also going back through the previous game as well now....

Molimo said...

Never mind. I Figured out "Under Construction"

Anonymous said...

Reading your comments led me to the idea of making a diagonal conveyer for "Recap A".
Thank you, I finally made it through.
Also if your within 3 blocks of a bomb it changes slightly & space will set it off.
Now on to the next head scratcher "Recap B".

Meblin said...

Remembered the mechanics for Recap A.

Any clues for Retrieval, Stranded, Slippery Slope, Split or recap B?

Meblin said...

Have got split but am stuck on the others

Frobisher said...

This is a really elegantly designed level once you realise what you have to do. It has a large number of seeming-solutions that look like they should work, only for it to turn out that none of them do! But there's a thing you haven't tried.

Hint: Lbh pna hfr gur chfuref gb zretr gjb oybpxf vagb n qvntbany oybpx


Hint: Can you figure out a way to push the barrel off its perch using a block? Can you set this up with other blocks so that the barrel doesn't remain stuck against the wall?

Solution approach: Lbh pna trg gur oneery gb snyy fbhgujneqf bss vgf crepu hfvat gur oybpxf ng lbhe qvfcbfny. Hfr gur evtug oybpx orybj gur oneery, ntnvafg gur jnyy, gb rafher gung vg hygvzngryl ynaqf fbzrjurer gung lbh pna chfu vg jurerire lbh jnag.

Slippery Slopes
This one's all about a quirk of blocked pushers that lets you do something very slightly counter-intuitive with a ladder block.

Solution approach: Vs lbh chg oybpxf orgjrra n chfure naq n jnyy, fb gung vg pna'g gevttre, gura vg fgvyy jba'g gevttre jura lbh chfu bar bs gubfr oybpxf bhg gur jnl naq erznva fgbqq va gur fcnpr jurer gur oybpx jnf. Guvf nyybjf lbh gb qb guvatf yvxr pyvzo n ynqqre gung jbhyq bgurejvfr or oybpxrq ol gur chfure/gur frpbaq oybpx gung jnf fgbccvat gur chfure sebz gevttrevat.

Recap B
I didn't make any notes on this one and it's long enough since I did it that I can't entirely remember the approach I took. If memory serves the solution involves the following steps:
lbh'ir tbg gb znxr gur gbc bs gur ynqqre oybpx fgvpxl ol rkcybqvat gur checyr tbbc pbagnvare va vgf ivpvavgl, naq gura lbh arrq gb chg gur oybpx ba gur cyngsbez ba gur evtug ba gbc bs gur fgvpxl ynqqre oybpx fb gung lbh pna chfu obgu bs gurz bire gb gur rkvg naq hfr gur pbzovangvba gb rfpncr.

Molimo said...

Im having so much trouble with 'Ring'. I eventually managed to get the other four in its area, but I don't get how Ring is possible, there are only 5 blocks: an Upper, a Righter, a Lefter, and two Blanks, you need two blocks to bridge the gap at the top right, one to put in the hole in the tunnel, and two to bridge gaps between the raised platforms, the Lefter is only useful to push the button which makes a bridge, however, you also need to have the button be not pressed down in order to complete the puzzle! you need 5 blocks, you have 5 blocks, but one of the blocks is almost useless!!

I don't get it

Frobisher said...

Ring taunted me for at least a couple of days! You're totally right to have observed the impossibility of completing the level in the way you're approaching it.

Hint 1: Ubj znal oybpxf jbhyq or erdhverq gb oevqtr gur tnc(f) sebz gur svany cyngsbez gb gur rkvg?

Hint2: Vf gurer nabgure jnl gb trg hc bagb gur cyngsbez gung qbrfa'g hfr gur ynqqre?

Hope that's the right level of crypticness!

Molimo said...


in regards to hint2: V pbhyq hfr gur cvfgba, ohg va beqre gb unir vg qbja jvgu gur ohggba chfurq, V jbhyq arrq gb oybpxf ba vg, naq gura vs V chfu gur obggbz oybpx bss gb trg ba gur cvfgba, V trg pehfurq, naq vs V chfu nabgure oybpx vagb vg, gur arj oybpx trgf yvsgrq vafgrnq bs zr...

Frobisher said...

You're real close! The only wrinkle is the way you're thinking about activating the piston :)

Hint 3: Lbh arrq gb ohvyq fbzrguvat gung jvyy chfu gur ohggba sbe lbh. Gur ynqqre vf bayl ernyyl hfrshy sbe guvf checbfr. Bapr lbh'ir tbg lbhe ohggba chfuvat zrpunavfz va cynpr, lbh fubhyq or yrsg jvgu guerr oybpxf hc gbc.

Molimo said...

got it!!! thanks for the help

Anonymous said...

Anyone reach the later levels yet? I've gotten to the Station D and Detour sections, but have reached a few roadblocks I can't quite finish.

Molimo said...

ugh. I was working on "Narrow", suddenly the screen of the game went black, so I reloaded the page and it reset....


Anonymous said...

Made it to Station E.


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