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November 02, 2022

hilbert highway [browser]

Jack Lance is back with a head-scratching puzzlescipt puzzler: Deliver the shipments on their targets by creating an infinitely looping path but watch out your route does not interfere with yourself: Hilbert Highway. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


long peter said...

Nice Puzzles,

For now stuck at level 8

Anonymous said...

I encountered a problem... I don't know what level I'm on but it's one with only 2 pink squares. The truck moved the boxes and drove off screen to the right and nothing else happened. I put boxes in both squares but it's not letting me advance to the next level.

Marie said...

Anonymous 00:01, I think I'm stuck at the same level. I can put two boxes in the two pink squares, but the leftmost box is left alone. I think we have to use that box to get to the next level.

Riiick said...

The game says that every box must end up on a target and they cannot be pushed infinitely to the right. I think the game is a reference to Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel.

long peter said...

You are not allowed to make a solution where the leftover boxes are pushed to the end of time.

All boxes should end on a target at some point.
If there is 1 target each 2 repeat and a box in each repeat.
You are not allowed to push each 2nd box to the end of time.

Instead the box for the first repeat, should go in the target at the first repeat.
The second box to the target in the 4th repeat
3rd to 6th repeat etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like a few of the previous commenters, I've gotten stuck on level 4. Not sure if it's just an obvious bit of logic I can't think of or if it's meant to just become a confusing jumble of crossroads overlapping but it just isn't clicking.

The concept is quite neat and well executed, though!

benji said...

not sure how many alternate solutions there are to level 4, but how i solved it was to (rot13:) tb vagb gur cnfg naq chfu n obk gung vf abg gurer

Anonymous said...

Hints for level 6?

Anonymous said...

I've found what I thought were multiple valid solutions to level 4 (every crate used, every target filled, no crate infinitely pushed), and keep getting the message "Remember, every crate must eventually end on a target. In a valid solution, no crate can be pushed infinitely far to the right" Any help with this?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hint on level 4 @benji
nice tricky one

Meblin said...

How do you complete level 3 with 2 pink boxes in section 1 then 1 pink box in the others?

Marie said...

@ Meblin, push the first crate with the second one

Anonymous said...

For 6 if I ignore targets I can never manage to get boxes in different vertical positions in 'slices' 2-5. They always end up in the same relative position. In this case 1,3,5 and 2,4,6 (last is hidden) targets are in separate vertical positions. What am I missing? Levels 4 and 5 I managed to do.

Anonymous said...

I could really use some help with level 4:

** spoiler **

following benji's hint: I've created a loop that pushes the first box to the target, then pushes the "box that isn't there" (the second box pushed by the first), back to the target. The loop works, but I get an error message

Anonymous said...

Power of posting-- figured out level 4. For anyone stuck:

(rot13): Gur beqre bs obk gb gnetrg znggref (svefg obk tbrf va svefg gnetrg, frpbaq va frpbaq, rgp.)

RadioInactive said...

I love the game and concept, but somehow I have been stuck on level 8 for the past 3 days.

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for level 6....for those already on level 8?

Anonymous said...

Need a hint for level 5, I'm missing it...

long peter said...

LVL 5:

-- Move Box N+1 out of the way.

-- Move Box 1 down to the target.

-- Move Box N+1 back to the target, but in Field N.
So the virtual position of box 2 in Field 1.

What should happens:
-- Box in field 2[N+1] is pushed of the target.
-- Box in field 1[N] is pushed dow
-- The car tries to push the box in field 1[N] back on the start position,
if it was on the position of the box in field 2[N+1]

-- Car moves to Field 2.
-- Box in field 3[N+1] is pushed of the target.
-- Car misses Box in field 2[N] when it pusses it down.
because it was moved by the car in field 1[N-1]
-- Box in field 2[N] is pushed back on target in field 2

-- Car moves to field 3

long peter said...


Also still stuck at 8.

Try to beat the system in different ways.

Now make it {virtual}targets at field 2 4 5 6 etc are filled.

Anonymous said...

Any advise for level 6?

long peter said...

{ Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any advise for level 6? }

Level 6.
Push the Box[N] to the next box [N+1] in such way that you can push both boxes [N,N+1] can push up and down without crossing the start position of the box

N=1: Boxes are pushed together, and in field N=2 boxes are pushed up and down.
N=2: No Box to push in field N=2, Box in field N=3 is not pushed forward.
-- When pushing the boxes up and down the car misses the box in N=3

N=3: Boxes are pushed together, and in field N=4 boxes are pushed up and down.
N=4: No Box to push in field N=4, Box in field N=5 is not pushed forward.
-- When pushing the boxes up and down the car misses the box in N=5

Anonymous said...

Amazing, thank you long peter!

Anonymous said...

I'm completely stuck on level 4. I feel like I'm missing something simple, but can't figure out what it is.

Anonymous said...

"Level 6.
Push the Box[N] to the next box [N+1] in such way that you can push both boxes [N,N+1] can push up and down without crossing the start position of the box"

Could you please clarify 'crossing the start position of the box'? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

anyone got a video for level 6 my brain hurts

Long peter said...

Start position of the box.

That is the position the box is standing.

You want to push the box only when it has been moved by an other box.
If not it will also be pushen up in the field where there is no target.

Eq: push box1 against box2. So box2 moved 1 position. Not push up or down so that you only move it when it has ben pushed. And you miss the box when it is still at his start position.

Then the next round there isn't a box to push and the next box stays at the start position and is missed when you try to push it up so you can push it to the next field the next round

Anonymous said...

Has anybody solved level 8 and can offer a solution?

Anonymous said...

How about hints for level 7? I'd guess one block in the first section goes on the target in the first section, and and the other goes in section 6, off screen. Thought I had this lined up but it didn't solve.

Anonymous said...

Here is hint for level 7 (rot13):
chfu nyy oybpxf va n yvar fb gung va rirel ybbc gurer vf bar zber oybpx chfurq gura chfu gur ynfg bar gb gur qrfgvangvba naq ercrng ybbc

Anonymous said...

level 8, anybody?

Anonymous said...

Bueller? Level 8 is hard. Anyone finish it?

Long Peter said...

I made a solution to LVL 8 but it isn't accepted.

What did I do:
1: I build a solution like LVL 7 where all boxes are pushed right, and the last box of the train in each field is pushed to the target.

Now I make a train, push the last box up.
With this box I do the trick of LVL 6.

Where if there are 2 Boxes, 1 Box is pushed to the target.
second Box is pushed down in front (most left place) of the train.

Long Peter said...


Anonymous said...

I'm still stuck on level 4. Every time I think I have a solution my truck ends up moving the first block off the target and heads on to move other blocks to the wrong locations. Kind of frustrating.

Long Peter said...

LVL 4.

Place the box below the target without it being on a road.
It don't have to touch the target, it could be farther away.
Roads may run between the Box and target.

Now look at the road from the second field, Not the road that has the car on it, but the road from the place where the car starts to drive automatically.
Route this road so the car will push the box up to the target.

What should happen now:
Car drives and push the box below the target.
Car drives to the start position of the box and is not pushing anything there.
Car drives to start position for the next field.
Car drives over the empty target and is not pushing anything.
Car drives back to the target, and pushes the box from below on the target.
Car drives to start position for the next field.
Car drives and push the box below the target.
Car drives to the start position of the box and is not pushing anything there.
Car drives to start position for the next field.
Car drives over the empty target and is not pushing anything.
Car drives back to the target, and pushes the box from below on the target.
Car drives to start position for the next field.

Anonymous said...

For level 8, I found a similar solution, which involves pushing the first and second blocks into the third, and bringing up the first block from zone 3 to the target in zone 2. It seems to work, but won't accept.

I don't know if this matters, but the difference with this level is that since we pick up an extra block with every iteration, the chain of blocks to push is infinitely increasing. I thought my solution accounted for that, but perhaps not?

If anybody has figured this one out, please share!

Long Peter said...


I had the theory the spare blocks falling of screen should be in a specific position.
So I played level 7 again, but different:


As seen on the picture all boxes are in place.
But I moved the boxes first down, and then make a train where the last block is pushed to the target.
This isn't accepted as a finish.

Pushing the boxes as far to the right as possible and then take 1 box back to the target is accepted before the last target is filled.

Anonymous said...

I figured out what's wrong with the LP's level 8 solution (19 November 2022 22:46). Block 1 never ends up on a target, it remains on the train pushing the other blocks. What we need to figure out is how to get block 1 to the first target, rather than pushing other blocks for infinity.

Anonymous said...

My working solution (that doesn't accept) for level 8 is to push first and second block into third, then push first block to the first target. That creates an infinite train of blocks that only pushes the most recent block to the corresponding target. It seems to accomplish the level, but doesn't accept.

long peter said...

23 November 2022 at 17:24 Anonymous said...

You are right
Pleae use a name next time so a gave give the honour to somebody.

Switching the 2 stones eq... moving the first stone up to the target, and the first back to the first position of the train is accepted.

Here is a very messy version that I used to finish LVL8
..... some thing wend wrong, so I did level 8 again,
Find a image of finished LVL8

Anonymous said...

Thank you, long peter. Still not sure why some solutions were accepted and others not, but yours worked, so thanks!

Long Peter said...

First a small rectification: I need to thank ANO from 23 November 2022 at 14:47 for pointing out where my mistake was.

For Ano 23 November 2022 at 17:24: It sounds like a solution where the blocks are placed in N=2 N=3 N=4 Or maybe N=2 N=4 N=5 N=6 etc
Just reading your description. I tried a lot of solutions where only the fields that you can see are correct, and where later outside the screen it becomes a mess.
for example pushing all the boxes to the targets before connecting the road to the start piece of N=2

@Ano 20:43.
I think the following:
1: As explained in a earlier post, If you finish LVL7, when the train of boxes is shifted up or down, it doesn't accept,
So there is a catch area.

2: it detects a infinite push of the boxes.

So my guess is:
There are some hidden targets outside the screen,
And the is some kind detection which box goes where.

But how it works exactly I didn't figure out yet

Narthorn said...

A conceptually simpler (?) level 8:


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