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November 02, 2022

blink [browser]

Every time you blink, you teleport somewhere new. Can you take control of this curse, and find loopholes to use it in your favour in the puzzle platformer Blink by JUSTCAMH?


Anonymous said...

What the heck?
This game requires you to scan QR codes.
So I guess I can't play it.☹

Bart said...

If you can't or don't want to scan the codes: the first QR code says 'Press Shift to BLINK'.
That's the most important info you need.

Paperback Writer said...

Thanks for posting Bart,
amazing concept and hard to believe its made in a game jam.

It took me way too long to realize I can double jump :P

david said...

i think i'm missing something. cant get through the red barriers. except in the red section, where you dont shift from location to location.

Anonymous said...

Ok I tried playing without scanning the QR codes.
I get that you blink after a time, or
You can blink by pressing shift, but
Sometimes I warp rooms & sometimes barriers.
Is there any way to control which happens?

David B said...

Cool concept for a game. You only warp when you open your eyes again. To stay in the same room, you need to be in a red room or find some water before you open your eyes.

The piece in 3:G was pretty tricky to get. You need to be unmuted and able to hear the sound of the water splashing to get to that room.

QR codes are all lore (except for the very first one which says "Press Shift to BLINK" and the final one in 3:B which says "The king is not ready yet. Reforge the Crown of Thorns before entering.")

TheAdmiralM said...

How do you get to the King's room before it auto-blinks? Even nearly frame-perfect jumps won't get me there in time it seems.

TheAdmiralM said...

Phew FINALLY figured it out!

Anonymous said...

I tried to play without the QR codes, but it is impossible. They are needed for the game, to start, to understand the rules (like blinking in water), and for finding the king!! I don't like the QR code conception, I don't get why couldn't be just texts in the rooms, and why I need to use my mobile phone to play a browser game on PC.

Otherwise the game is good, the blinking idea is excellent! :-)

Anonymous said...

Could be worse, could require a credit card and in-game token purchases...


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