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November 21, 2022

flying crowbar factory simulator 2022 [browser]

Place tiles to get the flying crowbars to the exit in Flying Crowbar Factory Simulator 2022, the companion game to the puzzle game below, another new collaborative puzzlescript puzzler by Thinky Collective starting from the same first level and mechanics.


TiCKed said...

Maybe I'm dense...but this one makes no sense at all????

Anonymous said...

It feels just like the last game but with bad controls.

Frobisher said...

I'm not a fan of these sorts of puzzles, where you have to create a complete instruction set that will solve the level and then let it execute. I guess I'd be a lot better at puzzles if I took a step back, asked what the level was expecting of me, and then devised a solution and executed it. But I prefer understanding through doing rather than solving the puzzles in my head.

If people are struggling: in both this and the lab rat game, you are placing objects/instructions in the level so that the flying crowbar or the rat moves through the level in a way that solves it. So far lab rat is a bit less demanding that crowbar, but only because it at least doesn't make you place the crates in the level as well (so far??)

As with some of the previous Thinky Collective collabs, there's a bit of a death march quality to the difficulty curve. Where almost all of the levels are sufficiently taxing that you can only progress in short batches. And skipping levels through the level select can leave you too far behind the curve to make sense of the core underlying mechanics.

Anonymous said...

I think transition from push based mechanics to pure observation based mechanics is not that easy for some of us. I was ready to smash my arrow buttons randomly to get a sense but not ready for critical thinking process for a casual game.

Anonymous said...

controls are awful, but it seems they'd be a bit improved if the controls bar was at least differently colored than the field itself...


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