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September 23, 2022

rake it till you make it [browser]

Rake it till you make it, a puzzle game about raking leaves by Thoof for the Cozy Autumn Game Jam.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem to function in Chrome..

Anonymous said...

Intriguing little game. I appreciate the ability to leave one game and try another, then come back. Little by little it begins to make sense as you figure out what is needed. Thank you for sharing this!

- "Anonymous C"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not making more even harder levels.

Anonymous said...

Bart have you tried "don't escape"?
Perhaps you could add it.

Bill said...

Cute little game. Not hard but a nice way to spend some time.

Anonymous said...

Cute graphics like Stardew Valley. Controls were a bit too awkward for me.

david said...

loved this! simple mechanic, very pretty.


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