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July 28, 2021

two worlds [browser]

Create the inner world from the outer world to reach the heart in each level of the latest puzzlescript puzzler by Noso: Two Worlds. (X key to switch characters, Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

another tough puzzlescript game.
Can't get 6.

Lighty said...

Gets hard quickly, lots of thinking ahead needed. Managed to get to level 8 then my brain hurt.

@anonymous for level 6 best hint is that you don't need any crates in the middle bottom area. These can be used to help get to the heart at the end. Then you need to figure out how to position the moveable blocks so you can actually get out of the bottom middle area without crates.
Lastly (which is actually secondly in the sequence of moves) it's working out what to do with the 3 crates to the right to allow you to get up to the heart.
All of that needs to be done before going 'inside' and moving around in the platform game bit.

Anonymous said...

On 6 getting up to the heart area is no problem.
Getting the heart is not.
Putting the stones up there would help, but...
then I need holes to get to the 3 stones, and...
then 1 falls so I can't climb anymore.

Bill said...

Solving 6 took learning a move that I hadn't used before and didn't know was possible: You can go up two spaces and over 1 but pressing up then right immediately.

I was kind of annoyed because I wasted a lot of time trying for tricky boulder arrangements then realized that I just didn't know all the control options.

Anonymous said...

i definitely dont think that is intentional. i was able to solve 6 without any such maneuver:


i put the two stones in the heart area, then positioned the stones in the middle area as

o - -
o - o

finally, i put the two movable boxes side by side in the notch in the lower area


Anonymous said...

The double-jump seems to shortcut many levels, it almost feels like it's unintentional?

At any rate, it's rather finicky and annoying to use

...Really clever game format, with some good puzzles, but I really dislike this double-jump mechanic

Anonymous said...

I believe the double-jump has now been taken out of the game, implying that it was a bug

Frobisher said...

I've now done everything but 8 and 12, neither of which I can entirely get my head around. If you're stuck, I do recommend using the level select to try something different as the later levels are not as fiendishly difficult as 6, 8 and 12 might lead you to believe :)

Anonymous said...

I've finished all of them except for 12, 13, and 14.

Allison said...

...I'm stuck on.... level 2. I feel dumb. Ha!


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