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July 15, 2021

the sponge what lights up the seafloor [browser]

You're a sponge that can be squeezed trying to push everything into place in The sponge what lights up the seafloor, another new puzzlescript puzzler by Stephen Lavelle. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

I solved it! A good degree of difficulty but easy enough with a bit of perseverance. The 'sponginess' was great take on these sorts of puzzles.

Anonymous said...

You're a good sponge. Yes you are.
Btw. there are 7 more levels hidden in "hack".

Anonymous said...

He was a very good sponge :)

Anonymous said...

I want to say "that's a good boy."
But he is not a dogfish.
Nor is he a "glow sponge".
That is for makeup.
So I will just say "good game."
(Bad title though.)

Anonymous said...

Help with level 9 please

Anonymous said...

for level 9:
you have to use the right block to squeeze yourself and move the left block through the narrow gaps. First to the left, then the one below. So the left block goes all the way around (counterclockwise) and finishes in the corner goal. The right block starts and finishes in the center goal.
It's not hard, but pay attention not to get any block stuck forever. The same narrow corner can be approached right or wrong depending on how you squeeze.

Anonymous said...

Any hints on 7?

Anonymous said...

hint for level 7:
when you start pushing the left block back down don't disconnect from it. When you reach the bottom section you can use the walls to squeeze around it and push it back up.

Euan said...

Absolutely loved this.

The mechanism has a lot more subtleties to it than it first appears - I make that that there are 12 different ways the sponge can be squished, and the difference between these is important to solving some of the levels (e.g. level 7).

A nice degree of difficulty as a morning coffee-break diversion, but not too hard.

Mantaraya said...

Loved this game. Just hard enough. :-)

Anonymous said...

How can you tell which level you're on?


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