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February 28, 2021

sticky slimes [browser]

Stick together to reach new places and get to the exit of each level in the puzzle game Sticky Slimes by Somin Studios.


Anonymous said...

I might come back when the bugs get fixed.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if I'm just getting older or if games aren't using color and contrast like they used to.

Anonymous said...

Really great puzzles....but:

- Encountered one glitch when a pair of neutral slimes attached diagonally (only happened once)

- Desperately needs an undo

- Needs better contrast between a lot of the different elements

- Ideally, there should be some kind of indication about which button or groups of buttons work together doing what (especially on more complicated setups, like a group of pegs that are activated by pressing this one button OR those two buttons)

abi said...

Great game and the difficulty level increases gradually enough to keep it interesting.
An UNDO button is necessary.
Also the game does not save progress. I played it too many times to get to the point where i last left the game.

Lighty said...

Short and (relatively' straightforward. Agree that progress saving or level select would be good, no undo wasn't too bad as each level didn't require too many back and forth moves, but you get very used to having these options when playing puzzlescript games, when you come across a game that you can't simply press Z on, it's frustrating (back to old fashioned gaming, no save progress, no undo, at least you don't have to wait 20 minutes for it to load or type in the program yourself :D

Hespetr3 said...

Interesting puzzle, but it needs better contrast. I gave up because it became too hard to look at, otherwise I would have tried to finish.


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