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February 12, 2021

madeleine [browser]

Madeleine is a short nostalgic puzzle game by Ivan Voirol made for the Global Game Jam 2021 edition.


Anonymous said...

Short but a surprisingly enjoyable puzzler.

Anonymous said...

I think I tried every combination on the final puzzle.
Nothing else was memorable about this.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable sort puzzle with good music.

Rob said...


Anonymous said...

That was pretty bad. This is a puzzle that's been done a million times before, and usually better. Using jigsaw pieces doesn't make any sense here. More importantly, there's no undo/reset, so when you know you've made a mistake, you actually have to keep playing it into a dead end just to reset. Also, only being able to click on the adjacent piece and not anywhere in the direction you want to move was kind of awkward.

If you want to make a puzzle game, focus on the puzzles. Add some variety and unique mechanics and a format that requires crafting of puzzles that can be solved through reasoning rather than brute force.

If you want to make a graphical storybook, then make that. Don't throw in some half-assed implementation of a cliched puzzle game to advance.

And either way, I think we could do without the insufferable accordion backing track and badly translated Proust nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the game was made under 48h...

Calli Arcale said...

I liked this. For those who couldn't find a reset, there actually is one -- just click on the C symbol and it will reset the puzzle.


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