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February 23, 2021

paul's cube roll [browser]

Roll and assemble cubes to pass obstacles and press all the buttons in the puzzler Paul's Cube Roll by bl4st.


Anonymous said...

going off the name alone
this is totally a play on increpares "Stephan's sausage roll" right?

Anonymous said...

Some of the fail moves don't feel logical.
Like there is some slip physics added.

RadioInactive said...

I'm stuck on the level with 4 blocks on top and one underneath the platform. When I go off the edge to the fifth block and undo and redo it, I only seem to stick to it half of the time.

Anonymous said...

very hard game, and not all the rules are obvious. i also got a bug where i definitely should have gotten an end state, but the level did not advance.

nevertheless i think it's a good game - just needs more levels to clearly demarcate the rules.

bl4st said...

Hey, thank you for sharing my game !

Fitz said...

This makes no sense. There is one square to fall through and i fall through it even though I'm in a different position. Seems to shift gears to mess you up whenever its convenient. Physics should be physics, shouldn't randomly change to effect gameplay.

bl4st said...

@fitz humans like to call random what's beyond their comprehension

Stevens Miller said...

@bl4st Talking trash to people giving you feedback is a bad idea. I have a degree in physics. Your game needs work.


Doesn't work in Chrome.


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