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April 20, 2020

tumble baby [browser]

Guide the baby to the teddy bear in each level of the puzzler Tumble Baby by Will Blanton created for the 'keep it alive' themed Ludum Dare 46 game jam.


Long Peter said...

How Cute..

And its original and challenging at the same time.

Kasturi said...

Nice! Although I couldn't figure out the last level where the teddy bear was closed off on all sides.

Nat R. said...

I believe this game may have made the fatal mistake of an impossible ending level. The developer probably said, "I don't have time to actually make any kind of end screen, so let me just close off the final teddy bear real quick, so that people just end up clicking around a bit and then closing the game." It's extremely unsatisfying. If I'm wrong please tell me, because I'd love to be wrong.

Anonymous said...

You can beat the last level, but you have to essentially glitch it; switch the tiles while the baby is in mid-fall

It's possible, but pretty random

Anonymous said...

Stay safe.
Stay at home.
In your baby proof home.
Better yet don't have a baby.
They cry, they die, you cry.

Anonymous said...

yall it is possible to beat the last level. all you have to do is manipulate the blocks and make the baby fall down, and then move the teddy bear block that the baby will go through it


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